Game Sequels V’s Original Comparative Round-Up Pt 2


"So it has been a few months since the first few comparisons that we did in Part 1, so it is once again time to compare a few sequels and their respective predecessors – some new and some not so new.

As previously discussed, games do have it a little easier than films in that they can rely on game play to make a game better, not simply the characters and plot line.

If a games plot and characters are weak, it is still possible for it to be a successful and even good game – if the plot and characters in a film are no good, so is the film.

For me, characters are my favourite part of any story and this might help explain some of the choices below."

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gaminoz2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Hmmm...I actually enjoyed Gears of War 1 more than 2. The environments were better and the whole game was so fresh at the time. Now there are so many that look or act similar.

Though Horde mode is a great addition.

BadCircuit2888d ago

I think that story driven games usually have a better sequel but shooters and games that don't need a good story would have a better original because the impact would be gone from the first which is mostly shown in the article.

gaminoz2888d ago

Well yeah if they are just adding a number to make more cash from a safe bet, then I agree. But others get better more advanced gameplay.

XboxOZ3602887d ago

Personally I see a worrying series of events happening over the last few years, especially in the last 18 months.

That is, the move from supplying fully expandable add-on packages, to ones that only support online multiplayer ad-ons.

Most new sequels are heavily featured towards multiplayer, at the expense of single player.Just look at the great Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Pack.

As we know, the games today get played and returned via trade-in/returns/exchange extremely fast so retention is small.

WHat better way to reboot game sales, without having to make a new game, than to make a ad-on packthat requires the original game, and can only be played online.

Sales of Bad COmpany 2 have shot through the roof, and RRP's on the game have risen significantly to prices around release time of the game originally.

So while the original games might actually be better than many of their follow-ups, game publishers are pushing their development teams to get backsides back on seats of older games.