OXCGN’s Splatterhouse Review: A Bloody Bloodbath Of Blood, Guts-n-Gore


"Blood, guts and skull crushing punches would be the best way to describe the newest instalment of Namco-Bandai Games; Splatterhouse. A recreation of their classic, side scrolling, arcade game with an unhealthy focus on the blood-n-gore.

The whole game is built around the blood. You collect blood to level up your abilities and you bleed out enemies to open doors. The blood covers every surface including your screen. If like me you love gore and mayhem then I would definitely recommend Splatterhouse."

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gaminoz2739d ago

I'm kind of getting sick of all the focus on blood and the past it was funny because it was so unrealistic (cerebral bore anyone?)but now doing it over the top is just 'off'. Use atmosphere over gore to add intensity please...

BadCircuit2739d ago

I don't like blood and gore, it has never been a good trait in a game in my opinion so I am never going to get this game.

Godem2739d ago

Looks like a lot of fun!