Mass Effect 3 Will Have Timed Decisions Thanks To Alpha Protocol, Multi-Player Should Be Next HHGS

1. Special Guest Are - Geoff Keighley, Stig, Capcom's Wes Phillips, Rap Star Mickey Mike And More
2. More Characters For Marvel Versus Capcom 3 Coming Next Year
3. Killzone 3 Interview Reveals New Details
4. Andrea Renee Sheds Light On The Future Of Gaming
5. Tor Davis ( vs HipHopGamer In Tekken 6 See Who Wins)

R.I.P To HipHopGranny We Will Always Love You, Thanks To The Fans Family and Friends for making this 3rd Year Anniversary Show Incredible

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theafroman2712d ago

let the hating

deadreckoning6662712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I'm not gunna hate..but I didn't really like the show this week. Its probably because the VGAs aren't of that much importance to me. But if u ARE interested in what goes on behind the scenes at the VGAs, Hiphop had great coverage.

"HHG is the scum of the gaming industry."

Goodfella, I hope u get those problems in ur life sorted out. If you have to hate on someone to that extent, u must be dealing with MANY of ur own issues.

theafroman2712d ago

no idea were you think im having problems lol.just every time i visit n4g to see the comments way too much hate.

Nitrowolf22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


He's not talking about you he's talking about
Goodfella2487 Report

pixelsword2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I love the

"I hate HHG, but I'm here every week" people.

Get fooled into watching his show every week like you have been for the past few years, willya?

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2711d ago

I didn't finish seeing this trash but it like how he's still bringing up games from other developers in the conversations he has with other developers i.e. Talking about Black Ops to Bioware! Thats Gangsta...

Mr Tretton2711d ago

pixelsword. none of us haters actually watch it. Now, anyway. We know better.

JohnnyBadfinger2711d ago

Mass Effect 2 already has timed decisions.. they are called Paragon and Renegade actions...

Try and keep up HHG... you seem to be laggin behind alot more than you already were.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

What happened to the interview with Hermen and Killzone 3?
1hr and 7 mins.

Someone edited the video wrong.

Persistantthug2712d ago

that keep coming back week after week after week, pretending they got fooled into coming here, which then compels them to post.

The reason I like HHG is because he is inspiring.

He's just a regular guy that started from meager beginnings. But he refused to be stopped and now look at him......EVERYONE knows who he is.

Even Corp. execs like Major Nelson, Arron Greenburg, and Jack Tretton know who HIPHOPGAMER is now.

Hate or dislike HHG all you doesn't seem to matter at this point.

Clarence2712d ago

I agree well said. I don't know why people choose to hate on him so much. He's doing something positive with himself. How can you hate on that.

distorted_reality2712d ago

@ Clarence - I'm pretty sure Hitler felt he was doing something positive with himself. How can you hate on that?

pixelsword2712d ago

Your name fits you, distorted.

blackblades2712d ago

Only thing I can say is that they're races.

Mr Tretton2711d ago

mike, which 'races'? hahahaha

Fucking retard playing the race card.

I hate HHG because he's a fucking idiot. I like N'Gai Croal, a chocolately dark, dread headed black man, because he's isn't. He's smart and clearly educated.

Stupid race card idiots.

04soldier2711d ago

bubs up Persistence well said...

@ distorted reality How you gonna compare the man to Hitler?? You're being a true hater.

Some of you peeps on here got some serious issues that you need to deal with before judging what someone does or doesn't do...

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theafroman2712d ago

but seriously loving the show

BeAGamer2712d ago

do you have low standards?

Nitrowolf22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I really hope that we get to see the Helghast life/perspective. That could really give a shooter some more feel to it and could seriously add a lot to the story. IDK it was one of my favorite part in Uncharted 2 after the train part when your in the village. I mean, i think we need to understand what the Helghast are truly fighting for, we need to see through their eyes. It's like one of those thing where they make you hate them (i don't, they kickass) but then when you see what they are going through it could flip opinions. idk for me this might make shooters more story driven/emotional.

That's something i think most shooters are missing or fail to do is make that emotional effect that makes player think that this game is more then just another shooter.

NYC_Gamer2712d ago

nice vga behind the scenes coverage

JasonW19722712d ago

The title is misleading. In the video, BioWare never says that Alpha Protocol was an influence. HHG mentions that awful game right before he asked his question.

vickers5002712d ago

"The title is misleading"

Did you honestly expect it not to be? This is HipHopGamer after all.

JasonW19722712d ago

I know, but it's still bothersome. He was shilling for Alpha Protocol before its release and said it would be better than Mass Effect. He would often point to the lack of timed conversations in the Mass Effect series as some sort of huge defect. This title is his way of attempting to show he was right about something, when he clearly was wrong.

As for the multi-player part of the title, the BioWare guys didn't answer the question, but I could see why someone would walk away possibly thinking this feature would be in Mass Effect 3. Still, if you are reporting news, saying that "multiplayer should be next" doesn't even make sense.

BeOneWithTheGun2712d ago


And that is why he gets hate. I don't spew forth insults and whatnot, but I do despise misleading titles to get hits. My remedy? I don't click on them.

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