Go Gaming Giant: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Review

One of the biggest multiplayer giants in the gaming industry, DICE, has created new add-on content for their critically acclaimed title, Bad Company 2. Does the era appropriate setting and ambiance outweigh the claustrophobic maps and recycled weapons? Find out in this review!

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Nightshadow2713d ago

Disagree with "most of the others are just redone/renamed with same sound effects and reload animations". There are a ton of new weapons, but the way this has been written sounds like the reviewer has put any weapon using bullets as the same... Also, all sound effects have been captured from the real weapons on a firing range -- completely new sounds.

ItsEvan2713d ago

I checked for a blog or post on the forums about live weapons testing for the new weapons, but I couldn't find anything.
Oh and examples are -
XM 22 = M249 (sound)
TT 33 = MP 443 GRACH (sound)
M40 = M24 (animation)
M79 = underbarrel grenade launcher
DICE said 15 new weapons, but I don't think you can't really call them new if they share the same qualities as other guns.
I should've been more specific in my review >_<

visualb2713d ago

I think values are different, simply because the levels are smaller, and the guns being older, they are automatically weaker/ less accurate over distance

sure they reused sounds and maybe some animations, but this doesn't automatically mean they just reskinned the gun completely and left it as it is

changes were made, DICE are always quite good with keeping guns similar to their realistic counter parts (with adequate balancing of course)

ItsEvan2713d ago

The guns seemed to have done the same amount of damage in my playthrough. I think the low damage stats are just there to reinforce the feel of the game - soldiers never really wore body armor because of the heat and humidity, it was too bulky to be practical. At least that's how I interpreted it.

visualb2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

well I had a good hour with the PC version, and my impression was the M16, the sniper rifle and the Uzi felt pretty different to their counter parts from modern BF:BC2

the M16 felt less powerful and "lighter" than the modern M16, and less accurate (due to lack of aim dot also) - over all a nerfed M16 - full auto too

the sniper bullet drop seemed less present (possibly due to smaller map sizes) and over all weaker than M24

the Uzi compared to modern actually felt more powerful yet less accurate

over all, the experience with "similar" weapons was quite different in my opinion. the lack of a new weapon is understandable especially since they weren't going to add a non existent weapon to the vietnam era =|

still, not a bad review =) quite harsh reading compared to score, but I agree with the score =)

Dnied2713d ago

regardless of score, the quality and content of this expansion really makes activision look ridiculous (not that they didnt already) charging the same amount of money for just a few maps

can't wait for this tmrrow been playing bc2 again non stop

Bolts2713d ago

For $15 what you get is a deal no matter what platform you're gaming on.

ItsEvan2713d ago

While this expansion does run circles around Activision's Resurgence and Stimulus map packs, I still don't believe that we should tolerate being lied to. In truth, anything compared to those map packs could be rated a ten, in my opinion, but DICE didn't provide what was advertised (specifically the weapons) from my experience with the game.

GLoRyKnoT2713d ago

The only ones that went completely unchanged are the 1911 and the TT-33 which is basically an M9 that looks and sounds different.

Thompson got buffed, M14 is full auto, M16 is full auto. PPSh is a stronger UMP with better irons (imo)

Uzi got a buff as well. RPG reloads faster. Thumper reloads slower yet deals more damage to tanks.

870 has somewhat different damage.

M40 has a 45m range for a OSK anywhere.

M60 has higher damage.

arjman2713d ago

War, Children. It's just a shot away, it's just a shot away

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