Bandai Namco Site Lists Eternal Sonata For PS3 and 360

"Oh Bandai Namco. You're such fibbers! It was only a month ago that you were saying you were "not aware" of a PS3 version of Eternal Sonata. Not aware? Someone is, because the game's official listing on the company's site now has the game listed as a PlayStation 3 game. No release date, but it's right there under "platforms". PlayStation 3. Could be a typo, but then, we're only a week and a bit away from TGS. Could also be announced there."


The website also lists beautiful katamari for the ps3

Update: Both Eternal Sonata and Beautiful Katamari have been taken off all listings for PS3 on the site

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Bigmac5733879d ago

Oh wait, it's for PS3 as well? It sucks."

I can see it coming.

toughNAME3879d ago

just like why Ken Levine said no Bioshock for PS3?


and from the demo..this game sucks

power of Green 3879d ago

You beat me too it if this ends up being a Bioshock scandle they'll attack the game.

_insane_cobra3879d ago


Yeah, it's unavoidable. I've already seen it on various forums, but also that other flavor of fanboyism ("this game just went form meh RPG to day one purchase").

bung tickler3878d ago

i liked this demo better than blue dragon, i hope you ps3 guys get it its doesnt seems too bad, adn its not like it hurts me for ps3 people to get this game... so yeah.

nasim3878d ago

Good decision by Japanese companies since x360 is dead in EU and JAPAN.

with ps3 versions they can make a lot of money in JAPAN and EU

after TGS ps3 will rule NA too

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sonarus3879d ago

this wouldnt be quite suprising. after all it didnt do to well in the japanese market. this would be a simple case of publishers seekin a return on their investment. it might do better in the U.S. though but we'll see.

Odion3879d ago

it also says its out for the 360 right now, that page is just full of facts!

power of Green 3879d ago

I agree!, we should let them have this though its been ruff for them true or not.

power of Green 3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

The site says its coming to PS3. The site's a mess though and is poorly updated with games supposedly out now with many missing from all platforms we all know are coming.

Wasn't this game suppose to be coming out on PS3 first or at the same time or something?. All I know is we should wait till TGS because that site is poorly kept.

The game is friggin stellar I never liked JRPG's untill this game. It does make sense for this to be on PS3, PS3 owners- even more so in Japan love these types of games.

I can't see it breaking records in the west anyways although I think many will buy it. The timed turn-base and or real time gameplay is great.

I'm sure this game's part of MSFT's Japanese push so don't expect this game anytime soon if at all PS3 owners.

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The story is too old to be commented.