Halo: Reach — Over 33 Billion Served

This colossal infographic anchors the latest Bungie Weekly Update. Thirty-three billion have been killed in firefight, campaign and multiplayer. The smallest number: 1,000 have unlocked the "Inclement Weather" armor effect.

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DiRtY2891d ago

incredible numbers. I love Halo Reach

marioPSUC2891d ago

I always love when they show these numbers for any game, its really incredible to see

like 9 billion matchmade kills

zerox5052891d ago

i love the coop campaign in this game truly amazing, in fact i love the coop for halo 3 and reach hopefully resistance 3's campaign co-op will be as enjoyable as well. multiplayer is ecstatic, love all the halo games, i just don't like 12 year old community on the forums, thank god i don't go there.

SJPFTW2891d ago

What is best about the Halo series is Bungie's dedication to the community. unlike other developers i know *cough* Treyarch *cough* infinity ward *cough*

FantasyStar2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I disagree entirely. Having been on since 2004 (check my profile) Bungie spends more time extorting their fanbase, prodding their ideas and selling it back to them for a price and overall selling overpriced DLC. Instead of addressing the concerns of the community and keeping it all transparent (like Treyarch and Valve): they instead poke fun at people who have legitimate concern. The lousy moderation on favors unruly children and is basically one big virtual daycare.

Bungie pretends they care about the community no more than they need to in order to bank on profits. Money's more important to them than pleasing the community and really reaching to make a game for the gamers.

Back in 2002 with Halo 1 and Marathon a while back is when Bungie was pretty awesome.

SJPFTW2891d ago

treyarch transparent? oh really. the recent patch 1.04 fiasco proves other wise. What have they said about it other than a community update and blaming our routers for their supposed screw up. NAT problems? of really so how come killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 online works just fine. JD and Vahn have been quite since last tuesday, they wont even mention what the exact problem is nor when we can expect a patch

kaveti66162891d ago

Did you get your profile reset for cheating?

Bungie does listen to the community, all the time. They may not be as transparent as Valve, but they do a lot for their fanbase.

I don't even known where your stupid post is coming from.

gamingdroid2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

This is actually the first time I actually heard anything like that about Bungie. Every where else I only hear praise!

Overall, Halo series has the fewest glitches of any multi-player game I have ever played. Then again, I almost never encounter too many glitches in general, but it always seem some group is always pissed about it.

Vaud-Villian2891d ago

The first DLC pack contradicts your delusional and fictional interpretation of Bungie. I also believe your a bitter resetee.

LunaticBrandon2890d ago

Someone got banned for cheating.

FantasyStar2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I agree, Treyarch has been very quiet since their last update on their forums. I personally still have problems on the PC-side of trying to stop the hiccups completely, even though my rig is more than capable of running Blops. I wasn't so much entertaining Treyarch as I was disparaging Bungie. I don't have as much history with Treyarch so I can't say much other than that they've shown they're still actively looking at the game. I've noticed most of the people on that still love Bungie have recently joined less than 2 years ago. Not nearly enough time to see how far they've fallen from the Oni days where you'd see Sketch, Frankie, and Achronos post at least 20 times a day individually as if they were one of the community. Those were good days.

kaveti66162890d ago


if you haven't noticed, Bungie is no longer a small, fresh, aspiring studio.

They're veterans, they're large, and they're fucking busy.

yeah, it's a shame that the top guys at Bungie no longer post 20 times a day, but can you really blame them? They're working. They don't have time to talk about their favorite colors or what they like to eat at midnight.

God, your complaint was so stupid, and your elaboration made it even stupider.

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