Best games of 2011: Bulletstorm - Riding on the coattails of Gears 3?

CVG: Don't let the announcement that the Gears Of War 3 beta will be included with the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm factor into what you think about People Can Fly's upcoming FPS.

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Cajun Chicken2915d ago

Yeah, that's a shame really. Because Bulletstorm is really shaping up to be a game that'll make people forget about Gears.

BYE2915d ago

I don't know, this just seems like a gimmicky FPS which borrows a lot from Crysis and the Duke Nukem series.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

If you play Painkiller, you will notice it looks like a lot of that game (maybe because are the same developers), Unreal Tournament and a little Duke Nukem and bit of Necrovision.

But, still, the game looks fun to play online, just to have fun with friends.

BYE2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I used to play Painkiller online and yes, you're right. They might also have taken some inspiration from Serious Sam.

fear882915d ago

I would rather this game ride on its own merits than off the pent up demand of another game. I feel this game will easily sell well without a Gears demo because it is very fun. And yes I tried it (E3 pass FTW).

I think this will only serve as more of a fanboy argument than an actual important part of the game.

This also might equally kill the demand of this game on one console and drive the demand of the other thus creating a bias in terms of all comparisons including graphics.

Overall I think this tactic to sell the game may also work against it in standing on its own.

Regardless, I am going to get this game but instead of being a choice on which console to buy for, it has now become the only choice being for the Xbox.

Cajun Chicken2915d ago

People Can Fly made Painkiller and with that, you can clearly see that their inspiration was Duke, Doom, Quake and Serious Sam. That's all good to me. If anything, this in an evolution of the mad physics and repeated weapon torture of Painkiller.

I've got sick of iron sight shooters anyway.

Raider692915d ago


Neckbear2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I doubt it'll make people FORGET about Gears (Not that I like Gears of War, though...).

However, it looks pretty damn awesome, so I'll probably get it sometime next year.

ATi_Elite2915d ago

For me Bulletstorm is a sure fire rental, the game shows nothing worth buying and zero replay value. That's just me as others may love this type of game.

Bulletstorm should sale a lot of units just so people can get into the Gears 3 Beta other than that it would fail like Enslaved.

NeoBasch2915d ago

It already has. I'm far more excited for Bulletstorm than Gears 3. I don't care for the beta.

8thnightvolley2915d ago

i dont see y the sad faces... this game without gears wil still sell coz its freaking awesome... gears3 there is also an insentive hell its by the same parent company epic so i dont see the fuss...feb i will bounce bodies in the day time and chainsaw locust in the evening... i swell time indeed

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NYC_Gamer2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

people will buy this game just for the gears 3 beta

Silly gameAr2915d ago

Seems CVG liked what they played of the game, but the headline is just to lure people in. CVG seem to do that a lot.

thehitman2915d ago

Thats probably why they delayed it so they could get bulletstorm better sales and publicity using the gears trojan like what MS did w/ crackdown and halo. Hopefully bulletstorm is actually good though.

lelo2play2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Hummmmm... Will the beta code for Gears 3 come in the PS3 version of Bulletstorm?

just kidding :)

CrzyFooL2915d ago

I played Bullsetstorm its fking bad ass.

Raider692915d ago

Not me!Actually this game looks more fun than gears of war!But thats my opinion!

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Rampaged Death2915d ago

I really think Bulletstorm will stand on it's own. This game could breathe some life into the FPS genre.

Xfanboy2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

EA is gonna make a lot of cash in 2011..
BulletStorm,Crysis2,DeadSpace 2,DragonAge2,Battlefield 3,Battlefield f2p,Battlefield1943PC,TheSimsM edieval,NeedFoeSpeedShift2,Mas s Effect3, .. damn!!
hmm next year on all platforms (maybe not the wii idk) it's the year of the 2's & 3's wtf!!

edit:lmao needfoespeed?

Vegetom2915d ago

Gears 3 Beta = Awesome
No local splitscreen co-op = Fail

dirthurts2915d ago

I've not played splitscreen in forever.
It was always back in highschool or whatever, but now all my friends are out working and we just game from home.

Vegetom2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Hehe, but this game just screams for splitscreen.. atleast that's what I think. The game looks awesome btw, I will buy it anyway. :9

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