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50 Stunning GT5 Photomode Interior Screenshots & How-To Take Your Own

GTPlanet: "As you’ve probably discovered by now, Gran Turismo 5’s Photomode feature can be surprisingly fun and addictive. You’ve probably also noticed, however, that you can’t easily take a pictures of a car’s interior – until now." (Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Tech)

PirateThom  +   1714d ago
It's insane that the rally events, the co-drivers notepad actually does have the correct directions on it.

In. Sane. I couldn't get over it when I noticed it.
waltyftm  +   1714d ago
Kaz is a madman.
Dee_91  +   1714d ago
its sad that they put so much detail in the interior but didnt include a feature in photomode to take pics of the interior
mrv321  +   1714d ago
Kaz doesn't like to brag I suppose. It was like the illzone 2 developer interview where he said

'Well we decided to texture this area in the distance and render it in 3D, it's on a static image.'

To which the interviewer said

'So will the player go to that area?'

And with such swathe he replied

'No, in fact the player won't be able to see this at any time, you only notice this stuff in-dev and in all honesty we just like the bigger CPU numbers'

I love that side of development where people do stuff not just for money or because they where told but rather because they can. Just so damn funny.

I wish I could think of more examples, it's just so funny when an interviewer ask about it and is left with no plausible followup.

I bet there's soo many games out there with just quirky little feature nobobdy ever hears about, all indev. I'd love a game to be released on console with this indev stuff left in and feature like

-Real time HDR
-Cell shaded option
-God mode

I bet several singleplayer games also got tested for multiplayer just because they could. If I got a job developing a game I'd make it so that 90% that could be accessed was just for me and the remaining 10% was just a HD remake of Star control 2 in the sins of a solar empire engine and combat style (P.S I'd leave the in-game drawings in for cutscenes but have them upressed or re-drawn but EXACTLY how they where, with the same voices )

P.P.S I just sold you on my Star Control 2 game, named The Ur-quan Masters : Star Control 2. If interested developers just MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Shadow Flare  +   1714d ago
This is what someone wrote to me in an article earlier today:

"Substance101  +   10h ago
@shadow flare

Did you watch the GT5 trailers as well? lol id say the final product is no where close to what Sony was trying to pose in the trailers. Take trailers from Sony with a grain of salt.

laughs at Sony fangirls."


Hmm. I dont feel I need to say anymore after reading this article. Just wanted to share the stupidity of some people with you all. It's ironic that I was discussing with Substance101 pc vs console power. Yet the graphical detail of GT5 (especially regarding this article) could easily make it the best looking racing game on pc. If it were on pc.
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UCMEandICU  +   1714d ago
It is just completely ridiculous how reviewers gave this game 7s & 8s
Even rating this game a 9 is BS. If you use the same standards that are used to rate other racers out there like Need for Speed, Forza, etc etc there is no way this game is not a 10/10 unanimously.

Even those that hate the PS3 and were happy GT5 was getting shafted w/ reviews could see there was something not quite right even though the loved the treatment GT5 was getting.

This gen has really nonsensical reviewing. They just don't give a damn just give them ad space dollars and they'll give your game easy 9s and sheep will follow.
CernaML  +   1714d ago
You're kidding me...
PirateThom  +   1714d ago
Nope. I glanced over in cockpit mode in one of the rally events, had whatever written on it I assumed it was just generic scribblings, then it started, he was saying what he had on the notepad on a randomly generated track... it's, as I said, insane.
lh_swe  +   1714d ago
It does explain why this game took soo long to make though...I am a person who loves those kinds of details though so I aint complaining :)
thor  +   1714d ago
Yeah the rally mode has some really nice touches - great attention to detail.

It's just a shame that for every little bit of detail I notice, there is also a massive gaping hole in some other area of the game. I think I would have preferred a decent A-spec mode (you know, with actual challenge and no grinding) rather than to know that my co-driver has written the correct directions on his notepad.
Bathyj  +   1714d ago
You've got a couple billion dollars worth of cars to save up for, how the hell are they supposed to take grinding out of the game?
DigitalAnalog  +   1714d ago
So I can assume you're able to get gold in the Expert and above events?

-End of Line
thor  +   1714d ago
I went on the first race in the extreme series just to try it and I zoomed in front of the competition; it was as easy as the sunday cup. Every race in A-spec prior to this that I tried was just as easy (even the single-make races such as the Gallardo trophy once I'd installed new tyres in my car).


You're not taking enough steps back. If you implement a system where you need to buy cars at roughly real-world prices, and the prizes you win for single races are also realistic (well they're not really), you're going to have grinding that's true.

But it doesn't have to be like that, does it. So many other games unlock cars rather than you having to buy them. Even GT5 does this it's just it doesn't unlock the cars you need for the races. In fact GT5 doesn't even need to have a garage - it could simply give you the cars you need for the races and the challenge could come from the other drivers rather than from the grind.

You're hanging onto this archaic system which necessitates grinding and easy races, when it could use a much better system. In fact GT5 does have a better system for the special events, at least most of them, where it gives you the car you need. Then there is some actual challenge (and in fact it's quite tough).
GeneGodHand  +   1714d ago
Kaz is the man.
Lirky  +   1714d ago
I was doing this earlier taking interior screenies but i couldnt get thru the side windows to get the full-on good upclose. Hopefully this will help.
renegade  +   1714d ago
Organization XII  +   1714d ago
Hail Kazunori San
TheTruth89  +   1714d ago
Competition what?
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1714d ago
Very impressive.
Nodoze  +   1714d ago
It is a glaring omission that polyphony did not/does not provide a way to open the doors of the vehicles and take shots like these.

What is the point of spending all that time modeling the cars if nobody is going to see the work??? Seems pretty silly to me.

If only they would improve photo mode to allow for opening of car doors, trunks, and engine bays. GIVE it to us. The detail is already there.
BYE  +   1714d ago
Appearently they modelled the bottom of the cars too...I read it in a forum so I can't confirm but if this is the truth it's ridiculous.
Lirky  +   1714d ago
They should do this now that forza4 u can do that with the kinect. But since gt5 is already out it cant be copying something since it would be out i guess.
Bounkass  +   1714d ago
1 word, SICK!

@ Nodoze: Look out for future updates. That'll beossible. No doubt about it. Now Kaz' seen those Forza Motorsport 4 screenshots.
Nodoze  +   1714d ago
I certainly hope so. While they are at it....PLEASE for the love of all that is good allow me to take control of the my car in preview mode. The constant circling is infuriating. Let ME rotate the car. Let me zoom in and inspect the car (without having to load photo mode).

All of these should have been no brainers...but alas they were not included in the release.

While Kaz may be a stickler for detail, he clearly misses quite a few with respect to interface, customization, and being able to preview my cars on MY terms...not some stupid trade show circle preview.
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1714d ago
I am stunned.
nefertis  +   1714d ago
I have a confession to make Im addicted too gt5 car porn, I need serious help any advice from gt5 fans will help.
Information Minister  +   1714d ago
Dear Mr. Nefertis, the addiction you are referring to is quite common and rest assured, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Millions of people around the world have experienced the same symptoms with no known adverse effects. Feel free to indulge yourself with the pleasures of GT5 for a couple of hours everyday. You will feel better, you will smile more often, and the people around you will react with a positive attitude. Long story short, your life will be happier with GT5.

Yours truly, I.Min.

PS: MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! @ picture

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samuraiX  +   1714d ago
AWESOME details, the best looking racing game on all platforms!
Bathyj  +   1714d ago
I'm caling shennanigins. You guys will believe anything.

This is all just photos of real cars, why else would the steering wheels have actual leather on them?

Next you'll be telling me the Uncharted trailer wasnt CGI.
MariaHelFutura  +   1714d ago
I love your comment.
Bathyj  +   1714d ago
I love your gag. ;)
Pillage05  +   1714d ago
MariaHelFutura  +   1714d ago
Then everyones happy.
Undeadwolfy  +   1714d ago
Jeezus O_O
JonnyBigBoss  +   1714d ago
I've spent hours in the Photo Mode alone.

Gran Turismo 5 is my favorite racing game of all-time.

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