PSP Firmware 3.70 Released

Well what do you know, only hours after the first PSP Slim and Lite custom firmware was unleashed, Sony has released firmware 3.70 for the PSP. It seems to include quite a number of interesting features, such as custom themes.

* You can now set custom themes in Theme Settings.
* Support has been added for assigning buttons in Remote Play
* A scene search feature has been added under video
* Sequential playback is now supported under video
* Simultaneous playback of content under Music and Photo is now supported

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Jdash243878d ago

does anyone know of a site that lists all the playstation spots?

pwnsause3878d ago

dont know yet, were gonna have to wait till tomorrow to find out

pwnsause3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

If you guys go to the theme settings, theme and highlight original a picture shows up on how the xmb looks like with its icons, look closely at the picture look between the video and game icons, yup, theres a new icon in that picture, looks like sony is going to throw in a new service for the PSP. nice hint right? my conclusion? I think were going to see this new icon on our PSPs when the PS3 hits firmware 2.0, and the PSP will jump to firmware 4.0. this just an opinion though.

toughNAME3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

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just because its a Halo 3 article doesnt mean its disobey's what I said above

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if there was, why not report it?

come on guys grow up a bit please

Marceles3878d ago

That's a nice feature, I guess they're really trying to make it more comfortable to stream PS3 games onto the PSP and make it playable. I hope the new Ratchet and Clank is also Remote Play compatible, Size Matters was good on the PSP.

ShiftyLookingCow3878d ago

I am not sure, but from the Sony PSP forums, it seems this is supposedly the Japanese update and doesn't work with US PSP. I just want my PSP to play games so I can easily wait for official updates.

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