Video Game Warzone #112

Crysis 2 trailer
Ubisoft officially blacked out
Mass Effect 2 using ME3 engine for PS3
Demon Souls server extension
Sales versus Quality
Uncharted 3 game play
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
COD Single player
Kinect sales

Check out Charliekun’s Editorial on Articulation here —-> The Art of Articulation


Wutang Clan
Wutang Forever
“As High As Wutang Gets”

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NYC_Gamer2891d ago

i'll listen after the giants vs eagles game

blusoops2891d ago

Is there a reason why this is no longer on Itunes??

deadreckoning6662891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I'm about to download it right now :)

Can't wait for Hiphops VGA coverage.

I like the point you made about God of War 3 Torrence..the game DOES nothing revolutionary besides its graphics. I played it twice and sold it in 3 days. I liked the Hercules battle, but the gameplay as a whole was boring and last-gen. I have TONS of respect for Hiphop, but he has to understand that not EVERYONE is obligated to think the way he does.

trounbyfire2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

right so i guess bayonetta was revolutionary or maybe halo reach cause we all know that there really are games that bring something new to the table.

At this point in time no game is revolutionary or unique. it a joke to say otherwise. you can't creat new story types or even new gameplay types it like the conservation laws, it can't be created or destroyed just changed but it still the original item because of the conservation of information which states information can not be lost.

at this point we have seen it all and played it all.

GOD i hate northern rap, just not my thing lol

SixZeroFour2891d ago

i dunno...i think lbp2 is pretty revolutionary, its basically a game engine in itself and letting the masses let their creativity choose the game they wish to play

trounbyfire2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@ Persistantthug
Rap from the north..... 0_0 you know obvious its a generalisation but the east coast and even mid west rap. it is technically to my north i know there are names for every region but yeah generalisation of rap from the north

i am from the south and grew up with southern rap.

I wouldn't call LBP original or revolutionary.

Rage_S902890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

flower is revolutionary for a game also heavy rain

49erguy2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I agree with everything but the northern rap part and the LBP thing. I 'd like to see you say LBP2 isnt revolutionary after someone makes FF7 in its entirety. Check out some vids. LBP2 is perhaps the biggest game ever made IMO. More possibilities than any other game ever.

OFF TOPIC: J. COle, Jay Elecrtronica and Big K.R.I.T. will be running shit soon :) If you mean that Weezy/Gicci/Waka garbage, then fuck that.

@ Rage. Flower is. I wish they'd make a sequel showcasing a jungle setting or even a rainforest. So many possibilities. Underrated gem this gen.

trounbyfire2890d ago


You do realise that you just proved my point

as a Ps3 fanboy is my duty to know all top Ps3 exclusive and I do. check my comment history and you will see that i have recently comment on two LBP2 videos and said nothing but positive things because its cool but you creat the same type of games, sports, shooter, rpg, ect....

about the rap wayne doesn't have a southern style anymore and i pretty much witness his transform into the garbage he is today.

now every now and then i hear east coast or mid west by chance because i avoid most music in general but when i do it just is not for me.

49erguy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Well what other game gives you the freedom to create any game from almost any genre? That's where the originality is. It's not only a platformer anymore, so not only is it not "copying" those games, but it puts a twist on all of them with its trademark graphical charm and style. I see LBP as the DEFINITION of originality. It is a creation machine.

It gives you the freedom to create just about anything. Since no other game does that, I fail to see how you don't see the originality. It's a new genre of game entirely IMO, so I don't see any point of yours that I proved. Whats unoriginal about giving you the tools to be as original as possible?

BTW, I'm an underground head. I wouldn't know about the Wayne transformation thing.

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the new king 742890d ago

heavy rain is revolutionary to anyone that hasnt played shenmue and to a lesser extent, dragon's lair. Im not hating on heavy rain either. It was my favorite game of 2010

Dac2u2890d ago

Don't forget Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, Quantic Dream's previous title that plays exactly like Heavy Rain.

SilverSlug2890d ago

Why does Warzone always have the worse photoshop picture ever?