Tomb Raider Trilogy Confirmed

Continuing with the trilogy packs that have been hitting the PlayStation 3 this year, it turns out it will be Lara Crofts turn next.

Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director for Crystal Dynamics confirmed in a tweet that the pack is official.

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DaThreats2469d ago

My favorite sex symbol...

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trancefreak2469d ago

Ya I agree Anarki When I first played it on ps1 I had trouble navigating dude to the graphical technology at the time. Sometimes I couldn't tell a glitchy wall from a hidden one.

vsr2468d ago

Another gem of sony's 2011 lineup

antz11042468d ago

Anniversary is the only one worth playing.

badz1492469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

all those games were already in HD at least on the 360. so, this will be more like a port collection than a HD collection, right? I'm interested but how much will it cost? also 40 quid? if yes, then count me in!

DigitalAnalog2469d ago

I hope this isn't the same case scenario here? And why does Underworld need a "Makeover"? Wasn't that game released for the PS3 and 360 back then (ironically it was sub-HD)!

-End of Line

nunley332469d ago

The 360 version of underworld got some exclusive dlc, i hope this gets released to ps3 either on the disc or on the store. several of these collections coming next year and i want even more like a final fantasy, resident evil, devil may cry!

Lord_Doggington2469d ago

lol no one played those games the first time around, why would anyone play them this time?

TheDeadMetalhead2469d ago

I was kind of hoping they were talking about Tomb Raider 1-3...

Oh well, this will still be good. I never did pick up any of the Tomb Raider games on 360.

showtimefolks2468d ago

first question why are these 3rd party games exclusive to ps3 oh because MS want money for each disk lol(just kidding i think that's the case more disks more cost for devs/publishers....but they could port these to XB live who knows)

mgs 1(if possible)2 and 3
gta 3,vc and a pc port of SA because it didn't have those stupid PLANE missions
jak series
mgs:PW on psn come on kojima in hd with a ps3 controller awsome
hitman series

also don't you all think it would be nice to have some other games on psn/xbox live in hd the games which were not 2s and 3s.

bully(know its on xbox360 but psn please or include it with gta collection)
wwe smackdown here comes the pain


RankFTW2468d ago

If they ever brought out MGS HD remakes I'd die from happiness.

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egidem2469d ago

This is awesome for me. Gives me a chance to replay the Tomb Raider Series as I really never had a chance to get into them...nothing beats the classics.

DeleteThisxx2469d ago

These aren't the classics, sorry.

NBT912469d ago

I am disappoint. I thought this was like re makes of 1-3, as in proper remakes not HD upgrades :/

siyrobbo2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

they arent HD upgrades, the originals were HD games anyway, they are just ported to the ps3 as legend and anniversary didn't come out on ps3

Sevir042469d ago

and the other just getting ported to the PS3 either way It's good for those that havent tried out the recent ones, as for me, I'm really interested in the Reboot. It looks downright jaw dropping!

NewZealander2469d ago

i would have liked some of the ps2 games in HD though, all of these were released on current consoles and i own legend and anniversary so its not really worth me picking it up, even though im a huge fan.

im getting the PoP collection though, ive played the first one but not the other two, i have to admit i love the collections that are coming out, i never even played GoW until they released teh collection on PS3, great fun!

Elven62469d ago

Technically the only one that was on the PS2 that isn't included here is Angel of Darkness. The PC version is better anyway, the PS2 port is a buggy mess. The concept behind it was great though but it needed more development time.

They also made an interactive DVD of Angel of Darkness so I guess you could pick that up instead and play it on your PS3. :P

Legends and Anniversary were on the PS2 but they had HD console versions on the 360 so a majority of the work has already been done here.

morganfell2469d ago

Every attempt in the world to fix the controls on the PC version - which I still have - was to no avail. Third party mapping programs, tweak after tweak, a great game damned by controls.

If this version redeems the controls then it is well worth it. And like any such title it is only served justice with a controller, not a KB/M. Day one purchase for me. And the term classic does apply for some as what designates a game such is an individual remembrance - not some board of judges.

BattleAxe2469d ago

Was thinking of getting these games on Steam, whats the issue with the controls and which game has the major control problems?

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blackburn52469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

No, no,no. Not a Tomb Raider Trilogy. A Jax and Daxter trilogy. Geez doesn't anyone listen anymoe? @ Arup02. I suppose there is room for two great action adventurers.

TANUKI2469d ago

In due time my friend, in due time.

Chucky20032469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Its Edios that is making the trilogy,sorry i mean Square Enix wants more money from older games,its not Sony,i think Jax and Daxter is owned by SONY so here is up to them to decide if they will make an HD version

badz1492469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

this is not Sony though but fingers cross for that! I'll also be waiting! I don't know what's holding ND from outsourcing the codes though.