9.5 X-Men Arcade (XBLA)

Mike D from GoozerNation posts his thoughts about the re-release of X-Men Arcade on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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slutface2865d ago

cuz baby you're a firework

zerox5052865d ago

lol the only good review? aren't other sites giving this game low reviews?

Primal Rex2865d ago

All we need now is the Alien vs Predator and the Simpsons arcade games released on XBLA

hatchimatchi2865d ago

I can't believe sites are giving this game low marks.

It's a perfect port of one of the greatest arcade games ever made. It has online co-op, (ps3 has 6 player local co-op), voice chat, etc. Yet people still complain about how mindless it is......NO SHIT.

It's called a BEAT-EM UP. That's why they are fun, you get together with friends and you just beat the crap out of everything on the screen for an hour.

This generation of gaming has been the worst by far out of any generation as far as complainers go. Rarely are people satisfied with anything anymore. It's funny too cause the stuff they're happy with are just yearly rehashes of $60 games that feature the same bugs, the same cheaters, etc. Oh but, they have new map packs!!

RyanDJ2865d ago

I want Sunset Riders. Not the most amazing game, but it's my "arcade imprint" from when I was young. Unfortunately, it's so little-known that I doubt it'll get a remake.