Aussie Halo 3 hits ebay

Full retail PAL version of the game leaked

"An enterprising (or should that be thieving) Aussie has somehow managed to get his mitts on two retail PAL copies of the game, which he promptly placed on eBay. It's obvious they're the Australian versions, thanks to the whopping big OFLC rating on the front cover (it's an M by the way - doh, no high-level MA15+ violence this time around!)

The games sold at first bid for AU$149 - only fifty Australian bucks more for the privilege of playing it a fortnight earlier than the rest of us."

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The BS Police3908d ago

Somebody is gonna get sued for this.

Seriously, stealing a copy of Halo 3 and selling it on Ebay so they can track you? Not a smart thing to do.

If I stole a copy of Halo 3 I would be playing it instead of selling it.

texism3908d ago

How do they even do this?

The BS Police3908d ago

He probably stole it from a warehouse where they keep all the copies that were maufactured stored untill they ship them out to retailers.

urban bohemian3907d ago

I'm stupidly jealous

Why sell it that cheap though! I would easily pay £100!

Fanboys are gay3907d ago

so we should expect to see this on torrent sites soon, ha ha i'll be playing it while your all still waiting

VirusE3907d ago

I imagine Ms and bungie are going to enact some frontier justice on him. You would have to be extremely stupid to do such a thing. That being said has the other copy sold yet:)

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