This is the best Kinect Hack yet

Gamersmint: You can now control XBMC with Kinect hand gestures. Isn’t that awesome? Sure is.

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Karooo2865d ago

man i wanna buy this :S

alien6262865d ago

seriously this is getting stupid developers are never going to use kinect like this because they dont have a hacked kinect!

ChristianGamer2865d ago

There aren't enough R-words to Really Relay to you how Ridiculously Retarded you sound.


Arup022865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

@alien 626 lol this was a stupid comment.

Raoh2865d ago

actually what alien626 is saying isnt stupid at all. its not that we will never see this tech on consoles. its just that as simple as this is to get working on linux, windows, max os x and its been rumored to be unlocked as well on ps3. we have yet to see any of these hacks working on a 360 console.

ms removed a processor from kinect to get it cheaper and a lot of functions that have been available since day one release of kinect working on pc's are yet not available on 360.

I think this is a window to what can be done currently on pc's and in the future on consoles but nothing yet outside of kinectimals and joy ride and kinect sports.

dance central is really silhouette tracking, meaning there is a box/image and you can position yourself in that box and bam recognized, same as with kung fu live, dance central 2 is rumored to have playstation eye support.

some of the kinect sports stuff is just anti grav on eyetoy.. just better.

so its not that kinect doesnt work, its that it works on everything except the 360.

just like the 360, expect updated models of kinect to come out.. the true experience will come from the next 360. this is just a beta test.

LoydX-mas2865d ago

Actually Raoh, it does actually have the processor in it:

I think MS will enable the usage of this chip in later updates as time goes on( just like the HANA video upscaler chip that was always in the 360 from the begining.)

Eamon2865d ago

Raoh, you have no clue.
The hack's aim isn't to fully use Kinect's resources. It's to unlock it so you can use it with disallowed hardware like PC etc for homebrew.

Developers are given a "developer's version" of the peripheral along with an SDK. They can do what programmers with a hacked Kinect can do.

MS always "lock" their products from consumers. So in reality, alien626's comment sounds very retarded indeed.

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deadreckoning6662865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Nice! Kinect is awesome!

Blaze9292865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

ya know...I'm not seeing nor have I seen, any PS Eye/EyeToy hack videos...I wonder why if they are exactly the same as Kinect :-/


UCMEandICU2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

wait a minute, are you actually spinning that and trying to make it seem like that's bad for the Eyetoy or PSeye and a plus for kinect? wow, you people that support ms are on a whole different planetary level.

P/S- Oh, after reading your post again I seem to understand what you were trying to get across. Sarcasm doesn't translate too well in written form sometimes.

MariaHelFutura2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Because the eyetoy is about 5-6 years old. Kinect basically is the newer version of the same tech.

Or would you rather the answer...... cause the 360 PWNS the PS3.

Dac2u2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

They're out there, it's just more fun for people to ridicule MS by showing how poorly they're utilizing a $150 webcam. No one is saying that PS Eye is exactly the same as Kinect either, many are just saying it can do pretty much everything Kinect can; which is true. Using a webcam to detect pixel movements can get near identical results to what Kinect does.

The results in this video could be replicated with any webcam.

Jack Meahoffer2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

The point Blaze is making that all of you are ignorning is that you hear over and over that Kinect is nothing new and the same tech as Eyetoy yet you NEVER see Eyetoy hacks...

That's because the Eyetoy is just a camera while the Kinect has IR tracking AND a camera which is what makes it different and why people are doing these hacks.

If Kinect was just a "webcam" none of these hacks would exist.

But this takes logic and when all you want to do is hate logic gets in the way.

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elmaton982865d ago

So what the fun in all that.

tatotiburon2865d ago

i'm still wonder why we havent seen any of this "hacks" using the eyetoy?? isn't supose to do everything that kinect can do??

dirthurts2865d ago

Actually no. The eyetoy can not sense dept. Just two dimensional planes.

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dragonyght2865d ago

best lol this seriously retarded

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