The Top 5 Kinect Hacks You Should See

SegmentNext - "Kinect was hacked open in less than 3 hours of its release in Europe and followed by the release of open source Kinect software. Since than programmers around the world have been consistently creating fascinating control schemes and functionality that you may never had expected before".

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The-Tentacle2865d ago

yawn, wake me when you can play good games with it.

SonyNGP2865d ago

It's not like you're ever gonna get the damn thing.

Bigpappy2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Okay, Wake up! Go get Dance Cemtral and Kinect sport. They are good games!!!

On topic: Only the first 2 are on my list of top 5 hacks. But they are all worth mentioning.

Mudkipz2865d ago

Dance central?, Kinect sports?, My nintendo wii plays better games then those

Bigpappy2865d ago

@Mudkipz: You created an account just to go into Kinect treads to try and start a troll fight using the wii. Be gone troll. Where is my spray? ... there it is speeeeeeee!

gta28002865d ago

While some of these Kinect hacks are interesting, the majority of them are pointless and useless. They take things that are already simple and easy to do and make them more complicated. The first video for example. All the stuff he did on his computer could have been done in a fraction of seconds with his keyboard and mouse. The Mario hack, all the time and energy he took to beat the first level could have been used to beat the whole damn game with a controller lol. While "cool" I guess, still pointless and useless.

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mcstorm2865d ago

This just shows off some of the things kinect is able to do. Every day people are showing sony up on what kinect can do over eye toy. Im looking forward to seeing what ms do with kinect over the next few years for the 360 and i can see a kincet device being added to tvs windows 8 over the next 5 years or so kinect will really be the next big thing since the remote was invented.

Kaneda2865d ago

wait and see what they will do with hardcore games.. a lot of user interface hacks.. but xbox owners waiting for hardcore games for their kinect...

mcstorm2865d ago

I agree with you but from the games that have been anounced all ready i think kinect will be a big hit with the core fans once they bring put the core games. Although i am happy with the games ive got for kinect at the moment it has been a nice change from the fps and sim games i play but i do agree we need core games for kinect.

tatotiburon2865d ago

i'm still waiting to see any of this "hacks" using an eyetoy....according to ps3 fanboys the eyetoy can do everything the kinect does.

FrigidDARKNESS2865d ago

waiting for the hack so i can play Heavy Rain with it.