Why Resident Evil 2 is a horror masterpiece

CVG: Zombies aren't scary. They're slow, shambolic, and easily dispatched with a bullet or blunt object to the head. To make matters worse, video games have long-employed zombies as a morality-sidestepping, censor-dodging, splatter-porn replacement for people.

But wait, don't dismiss them just yet. Put them in a deserted building with a fixed camera angle, throw in a crippling control system and bin off all the ammo and you've got a survival horror.

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Sticky__Rice2921d ago

Meh.. Silent Hill 2 is a better masterpiece.

deadreckoning6662920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Never played any game in Silent Hill franchise in my life, but I've been meaning to try em out. RE2 was great, but RE3 IMO is the scariest in the franchise. Nemesis almost gave me a heart attack numerous times throughout the game.