Need for Speed World Hits Over 3 Million Users

Released last July with mixed reviews, Need for Speed World has grown quite a bit. Over 3 million registered users have downloaded and played the game.

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NovusTerminus2737d ago

"Need for Speed World has grown quite a bit. 3 million plus users exactly."

If you say 3 million plus exactly, that is not very exact. Just saying!

Kudos to Criterion games though!

IRetrouk2737d ago

criterion didnt make this one, they made hot pursuit

Boody-Bandit2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

This is NFS World not Hot Pursuit LE.
World was developed by Black Box.

Didn't see IRetrouk's post.

mrv3212737d ago

Actual the more you say about one thing the less exact you can be.

You cannot know both the location and speed of an atom exactly, so by knowing the game exists you cannot know the exact sales :P

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NoPoint2737d ago

I tried the game and didn't really like it, I guess a lot of people like the game.

dirthurts2737d ago

I'm with you. Felt very ps2...

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Arup022737d ago

This game is so bad... I downloaded it, it was very disappointing.

pr0digyZA2737d ago

Thank goodness it's free :P

archemides5182737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

i'm a user of this....if downloading and playing it once counts as being a user