Crazy People Create Sony vs. Marvel vs. Capcom In LittleBigPlanet 2

PushSquare: We can probably all agree that Marvel vs. Capcom would be better with a dash of Kratos and Cole McGrath.

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OGharryjoysticks2914d ago

doesn't get cooler than that.

darthkai2914d ago

Not unless they add Darth Vader to the mix.
But yeah, I agree, definitely the most awesome thing I have ever seen in my life. Can't wait!

captain-obvious2914d ago


thats Epic man
LBP is going to be EPIC
EPIC i tell you

inveni02914d ago

Can anyone say "10" for replayability?

Kevin ButIer2914d ago

This is out of control, this only can get better, 2011 PS3 year confirmed

badz1492914d ago

WTH? How the hell did he do that?? that was plain AWESOME!

DORMIN2914d ago


Got the CE edition preordered.

longcat2913d ago

must expand english language to describe awesomeness properly

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2914d ago
egidem2914d ago

And to think that this game is only a beta!....WTF!?!

M4I0N32914d ago

Just thinking back, if it wasnt for Phil Harrison, we wouldn't be enjoying this game. I applaud you Phil Harrison, if your up there! R.I.P LoL :p

RageAgainstTheMShine2914d ago

actually this is more like Sony VS Activision Call of Duty XD

8thnightvolley2913d ago

ok that does it i am sold...this game is right up there for my 2011 list that is just one insane amount of creativity possible... colour me impressed.

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topgun332914d ago

Great stuff. I hope you guys have it finetuned it so we can download it when the game releases.

RedDead2914d ago

Here goes my final bubble but anyway.

This is my main gripe with little big planet. People make games that are just worse versions of other games, lbp is nothing but that as far as I can tell. Do I honestly want to play that game up there over Marvel vs capcom? I mean it looks alright since as a Lbp creation but that's all. It's not a good figher, Lbp does platforming the best. But everything else can be found elsewhere much better, such as the first person shooter lbp, the top down fighter posted the other day etc. Lbp planet is a compilation of flash games. imo. Some one please prove me wrong.

Godmars2902914d ago

Pretty sure that LBP2 itself will prove you wrong. And its not about poorly copying other games, its about general fun. People getting together to make something like that weather its appreciated by others or not.

DaTruth2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Even if it is, I won't play Marvel vs. Capcom for $60, but I will play this for absolutely free!

LBP2 will cost me $60, anything I play after that is free... 2 million levels of free!

What will I lose if I buy MvsC and don't like it or become bored of it fast? $60!!!! What have I lost if I don't enjoy LBP-MvsC? Three seconds of my life!

-Alpha2914d ago

Yup, Godmars said it best.

You miss the point of seeing these kinds of levels. Yes, they aren't as good as the actual games, but they aren't supposed to be. Recreating other games is just one part of LBP, the game is a lot more than that.

There is an abundance of content and the idea is just to have fun. Don't take it so seriously

HolyOrangeCows2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

"Here goes my final bubble but anyway"
Nothing negative to say about the moderation, nothing negative about Kinect, you don't correct anything in the article to get marked as "spam"......why would you lose a bubble? You're just trolling about a Ps3 game as usual. Mods rarely take bubbles for doing that.

First of all, it's still a beta. Second of all, its ability to do this and that comes down to how well the player designs it.

"day friggn 11111111111111111"
You must not be very excited to be getting it 11 million billion days after launch :)

Narutone662914d ago

This is to showcase what is possible with the game. And remember it's still in beta.

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TANUKI2914d ago

It's NOT about how poorly they "ripped off" other games, it's the dedication, time and effort users put into making them.

The best part is, it's FREE for the community to try out and to rate up/down.

BYE2913d ago

What I don't get is, if they put exactly that time and effort you are talking about into making their own games it would be even better for everybody.

They could make money and the person who plays it has more fun than just playing it as a LBP level.

But...whatever. You guys have fun with LBP. Guess it's just not my type of entertainment.

Focker4202913d ago

Its one thing to make a small creation on LBP using some pretty simple tools. Its an entire other thing to try and develop an actual video game.

rrw2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

LBP1 "platform game"
LBP2 "platform FOR games"

that the series marketed as

DAS6922914d ago

You fail to realize that lbp also offers room for creating NEW games as well. In fact, i've seen some original games on the beta as well, and i've had some original ideas... Just because people recreate games on LBP doesn't mean that that was MM's intention. Thus, the comment "A PLATFORM FOR GAMES" not "A PLATFORM FOR RECREATING GAMES"

Azmacna2914d ago

did you know there is a hardcore community that is dedicated to making stupidly hard levels that require special jumps to progress or tight areas that have you pulling your hair out? it was news to me but they are HARD CORE without a doubt

ngecenk2914d ago

now thats how i know you never played lbp. this kind of game that use other IP (well except sonys ip) will get banned in lbp world. typical user created level mostly are platformers or some with added mechanic.

this kind of video just made by user to grab people attention. in the end the one that shines the most in LBP is platformers with superb mechanic.

Redempteur2914d ago

LBP 2 is different than LBP 1

they didn't had a full music synthetiser and lot of stuff if they didn't these kind of thing to happen

Bathyj2914d ago

Dont you see, its as much fun creating as it is actually playing.

I dont know why you made me think of this or if its apt in this case but you make me think you wouldnt sit around with a bunch of mates and a guitar singing old songs because they dont sound as good as the CD's.

darthkai2914d ago

It's not about creating the perfect shooter or the perfect fighter. It's about seeing how creative you can get with a limited number of easy-to-use tools and sharing that creativity with the rest of the world.
It's like Lego. Sure your Lego castle doesn't look anything near as good as the ones designed by toy companies, but it's your castle and stems from your imagination and you can change it in any way you want. That's what makes it special.
But if you don't get that then you don't get the spirit of LBP, and the game is probably not for you.

Ducky2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Well, even if it was a compilation of flash games, what's wrong about that?
There's flash games that I've found more addictive and enjoyable than actual 'real' games.

I just see each LPB creation as I see a PC mod on any game engine. Sure, there's bound to be a big sea of mediocre creations, but there's also going to be some gems.
$60 for a half-assed creation of most games is a pretty good deal anyways, even if you exclude the base game. ;)

LPB is one of the few games this generation that I think is doing some new. It's nice to see a creative game in a market flooded with shooters. =/
(Although, I don't really support levels that just try to copy other games. The point is to be creative. Then again, inspiration and poor imitation are almost the same thing)

soundslike2914d ago


I have no interest in copy cat levels for the most part. Luckily there will be lots of creative stuff about, and I will be spending a huge chunk of time making my own stuff.

60 dollars be buyin' lots of stuff let me tell you. Even if that stuff is just like...stuffing for the main course.

socomnick2914d ago

Like the creativity and the intros but jesus that sucks. What red dead said is right, all of these levels are just supremely inferior versions of the read games. Most of these are downright unplayable.

Bathyj2914d ago

Gee, what a shock YOU dont like it.

Colour me dumbfounded.

Psychic_Waffle2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I agree with everything in RedDeadDestroyer's comment.

The game-play looks atrocious and no fun at all. If the fun is to be had making the levels, then I could see it being entertaining for a while.

However, I do think that the game is a blast to watch (partially because it's just a visually impressive game), but anything worthwhile already has or probably will be posted to Youtube - besides, if it's no fun to play, then just being able to watch it (without even having to get the game) is the next best thing. So at least it's possible to see some of the cool creations others have made.

For myself, the extent of the game's appeal ends there.

Edit: I still want to get the game just to see if actually playing it will change my view (keeping an open mind). I know I sound like a detractor, and I probably am... but if you love LittleBigPlanet, then that's cool with me. I'm just voicing my opinion.

BLAKHOODe2914d ago

LBP isn't about playing the samething over and over again. it's about cute, creative fun. one of the greatest things about playing LBP is checking out other user's creations and playing them for a minute.. and with over 3 MILLION creations out there, you'll never run out of something to play. now with LBP2, they've made LBP1 look like nothing more than a DEMO, because of all the new creation content. you could live a long life playing LBP or LBP2 and never play the same level twice. THAT's a great game!

SJPFTW2914d ago

LBP is a party game. it lets you be creative and enjoy it with others. besides as people learn and get used to the creative aspects they can better create better "games". this is BETA and people have only been playing it a few months. Give it a year and see how intricate and creative people will get using the tools LBP2 gives them

visualb2914d ago

reddead, I know what you mean, but you miss the point of LBP/LBP2

its not about competing directly with the game they are emulating, but to allow different game play opportunities

if you look at this and thing "bah this isn't as good as marvel vs. capcom I rather play that" , then you miss the whole point, it isn't about making the game exactly like that, but an experience different to the typical platformer.

well, if you cant appreciate that, its your loss, no one elses =|

Manberg9002913d ago

LOL you are someone who doesn't "get" LBP

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cliffbo2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

edit: at above. i just read your comments and it seems my timely intervention may make you reconsider. and no-one is suggesting you play this game instead of the real thing... it's just 'fun', a largely overlooked word these days. it doesn't just do platforming best either. you should check out the vids occasionally to see for yourself. flash games do REALLY well

doesn't this look prety good, even thought the guy who made it is just practising? i know that because i talk to him regularly on the LBP forums

what people have to remember here too is that the community isn't trying that hard with LBP2 simply because the levels they create during the beta are going to be removed. can't wait to see what these guys come up with when they aren't just experimenting and have ALL the assets at their disposal. LBP1 hit over 4 million sales and has over 2.5 million levels. i can see LBP2 hitting 4 million sales in half that time (and i'm saying this for an indication of how many levels there will be, not for sales fights)

RedDead2914d ago

I see what you mean, the simple fact of creating something that can hold someones attention for atleast a while seems fun. I know flashgames are good too and popular(farmville >:D ) . I'll have to wait and see more of the stuff for myself, i've seen a good few vids and was planning on a day one buy and then I thought, I could get games dedicated to each genre instead of playing lbp versions of them, but I think you have it right, it's like the fun in modding games and being part of the community maybe...

ForceCSW2914d ago

LBP1 has over 3 million levels and even a veteran player like me who has played community creations for hundreds of hours can go online whenever and find hours of new and worthwhile content.

Azmacna2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

yeah, it's more to do with the community. check out LBP central forums to see how dedicated they are

you could spend a while in the News and Media thread and head over to Beta Community levels in there, where you will find some incredible stuff

Godmars2902914d ago

LBP2 is Sony's Newgrounds.

And yes, they totally need to do a Sony vs Capcom.

trounbyfire2914d ago

capcom is in bed with microsoft but marvel vs sony would be cool to

El_Colombiano2914d ago

Sony is in bed with DC lawl