D3 teasing new game with countdown timer, Dark Sector 2?

Gamersmint: The official Japanese website of D3Publisher have launched a countdown website which has the text “New Title coming soon” and a countdown timer leading to the new game announcement.

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Cajun Chicken2919d ago

Do you know what would make my day? D3 getting the international publishing rights for Zangeki no Reginleiv.

Although, the font, the digital clock and the green are all very EDF prior to EDF2017...That's right, there were two games prior and I own the EU versions.

But it just could be a Japanese reveal for the already announced non-Sandlot but western Vicious Cycle developed EDF: Insect Armageddon.

cyborg2919d ago

That might be the case but I am hoping that they announce a new game in the true sense and not EDF: IA for Japan as that makes no sense having a timer for but you never know, these Jap folks are known to do crazy things.

LBP 2 teaser anyone?

velocitygamer2918d ago

I'm hoping it's Dark Sector 2. Dark Sector 1 was a great game, nothing is more fun that combining melee and run-and-gun gameplay.

MariaHelFutura2919d ago

I own EDF2017 and it`s great. I would love to see someone put some more $$$ and manpower for another EDF game.

Cajun Chicken2919d ago

There's one being made. It's for 360 and PS3 this time. Made by Vicious Cycle of Eat Lead, still published by D3. EDF: Insect Armageddon is out pretty early next year. Confirmed to have multiplayer.

I admit. It's a bit sad, because Sandlot developed the IP and the first 3 games but Vicious Cycle also know cheese factor, so they may deliver.

Blaze9292918d ago

I hope so! Loved that game

Hellsvacancy2918d ago

Yeah, the demo i played was cool, i just forgot about it, hmmmm *looks on Amazon* £6.35? order made.

Even if the games crap for £6 i cant go wrong, i take it theres no trophies, to much of an old game i guess

jony_dols2918d ago

Dark Sector, easily one of the most underrated games this gen.

I would love to see a sequel.

I love seeing great original concepts being turned into groundbreaking sequels.

Look at Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2,
Red Dead Revolver to RD Redemption,
Metal Gear to Metal Gear Solid,
GTA2 to GTA3.

Hopefully darkSector can do the same

AKA2918d ago

you should buy it its a great game fun gameplay and at that price you can't lose its old but the gameplay is much better then RE5 for example.

Dark Sector 2 with move support will be epic.

finbars752918d ago

I hear you I loved Drak Sector thought it was under appreciated when it came out.The MP wasnt to shabby either so announcing DS2 would make me very happy.Get the Glaven out bitches.

Sevir042918d ago

it shared gear's shake cam over the shoulder sprint and cover mechanics, It had it's own take on combat with the glave and gameplay types which made it stand on it's own. and it's graphics at the time was awesome as well, it had some amazing textures for a cross platform game it really stood out quite well with it's puzzles and boss battles. I loved it I'm sad they didn't continue the series but i hope they make another. i'd love a sequel

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DaBadGuy2918d ago

I freaking loved EDF 2017.

It's not the most technically sound game but it is awesome.

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dirthurts2918d ago

I would be all over a sequal. The most under rated game I've ever played.

AKA2918d ago

It will be nice its a great game with great gameplay, even my gf loved it.
Very hated and underrated because it what "to similar to Gears" what a joke.(it had some bugs but noting anoying that make the game un-playable and the online was fun)

Dark Sector 2 will be day one.

Venox20082918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

It would be nice to see Dark Sector 2 for PS3, XBOX360, 3DS :) devs could make that chain flies in 3D on 3DS!!! :) nice..and you can feel distance of enemies, whoohoo! and chop their heads ^^ :)

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