Uncharted 3 to have campaign co-op?

Gamersmint: Naughty Dog released some screenshots for Uncharted 3 recently and we have noticed something on one of them which suggest that Uncharted 3 is going to have singleplayer coop missions where you can team up with a friend.

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redwolf2888d ago

uncharted visuals having coop will test the PS3 to the limit

Commander_TK2888d ago

Hopefully since you are always with at least 1 person in the games.

DigitalRaptor2888d ago

Actually not always.

Uncharted 1 & 2 both had their momements when ND was alone. I think Uncharted 3 will also.

Campaign co-op takes control of the story and what happens to the characters, which is bad IMO and can affect the story in a negative way.

I don't think U3 will have campaign co-op. Other than this loose rumour, there no other indication that it will.

SeanRL2888d ago

A separate co-op campaign is ok with me, as long as it actually has a story and isn't a bunch of random missions like Uncharted 2's

poopoojames2888d ago

ps3 has no limits. No need for ps4 even.

Azmacna2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

PLEASE! look, i'm a big fan of the PS3 and Naughty Dog, but that isn't what they meant. of course the PS3 has limits. i don't think we are close to that limit yet, but it certainly does. what ND was referring to was the fact that they can do anything they want on the hardware

edit: on the PS4 comment. i think Sony are going to attempt a 10 year lifecycle 'without' a crossover. to put it another way: a 15 year lifecycle with a ten year crossover. the MOVE and 3D is specifically in place to allow for this

acedoh2888d ago

I think with the state of the economy game companies are in no rush to see a new generation of consoles. Considering all three have plenty of life left. Even the Wii continues to chug along. I have never been more satisfied this far into a gaming generation than I am with this one. Game developers continue to push limits and release a crazy amount of games.

Uncharted 3 proves that the PS3 has yet to hit it's stride. In another 2 years we may see the graphical limit but for right now developers continue to push further.

SnakeMustDie2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

It is possible since Drake and Sully are the mains of UC3. Can't wait.

psb2888d ago

yeah, looks like they fixed it though.

On-topic, that would be awesome but I am not sure how it'll work out, if there is coop, won't there be the need of someone accompanying Drake at all times? That's possible though since there was someone accompanying Drake at all times save the final boss battle and few sections throughout UC 2 aswell.

It would be an awesome addition to an already superb game no doubt.

nickjkl2888d ago

its called add another character for the player leave story the same

gameseveryday2888d ago

I think it's just a screenshot from a different angle.

cyborg2888d ago

if you'll notice it focuses on Sully and if he wasn't a playable character in the game, I don't see a screenshot like that released for him. Maybe ND teased it intentionally but right now it could mean anything and like you mentioned, a different angle also is possible however I would bet that it's because Sully is a playable character in the game.

Qui-Gon Jim2888d ago

This is probably just a camera angle change to show Sully saving Drake while Drake is climbing up. As I recall, UC2 had quite a few places where the camera angle would change mid-gameplay.

mantisimo2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"Curiouser and curiouser". 10 points to the first to tell me who said that?

I don't mind it would be nice for co-op to be included but might just be a section playable as Sully while Drakes off cahooting.(or just a screen from an angle)

Either way I am so hyped for this and can't wait for the multiplayer.

EDIT* and..........the phantom disagreer is back, hey there little buddy!

LarVanian2888d ago

@ mantisimo
Wasn't it Alice from Alice in Wonderland who said that?

mantisimo2888d ago

10 points dude!

Don't understand the disagrees for my above comment but hey if you like to click without commenting then I guess thats OK by me.

cliffbo2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

LarVanian, yes it was

Dellis2888d ago


ND has not said anything, this game is getting overhyped

way to early

BiggCMan2888d ago

The game is certainly not getting overhyped. This particular feature is getting overhyped. People believe you need to have co-op in everything now for it to be a complete experience or some crap like that. Well I say bullshit. Uncharted's story line is a single person experience, and it should be left that way. I personally believe this is just a screenshot from a different angle is all.

HarryMonogenis2888d ago

Well, when it's the sequel to a game that received several "Game of the Year" awards, people are going to notice that the game exists. :)

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