Max Payne 3 Recapitulated

Rockstar reps say that Team Vancouver is hard at work, which is good to know; so let's recap

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Murgatroyd72888d ago

I just can't look at this game the same way after that awful movie...

Matthew942888d ago

luckily i never saw that film, the 2 games were great, i dont see how this different dev can capture the magic of the old games

DaBadGuy2888d ago

Never saw the movie, I don't need Marky Mark's face there in my mind whenever I play a Max Payne game.

omicron0092888d ago

its been a long time for Max, can't wait for this one.

Deleting2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I really want to grab his facial hair and put it onto his head

That would make him look like the Max I know :)

DaBadGuy2888d ago

He ain't Wooly Willy, he's Max F'n Payne.

Still, that would be funny.

Arup022888d ago

Hey, the game will take place in my city! Maybe they show some good things about São Paulo, instead of showing only the bad side of it, like it happened to Rio de Janeiro in MW2. But i doubt a game where you have a pissed guy shooting everyone will show something good about the city...

dkgshiz2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I just wish Remedy was working on it. Why did they have to blow fives years down the drain for Alan Wake? Was it really necessary? Stick to the Max Payne series. I just hate that they turned Max into a homeless meth bum. I want them to stick to New York. Well it might be in New York for a little while. Clearly though we are going to be in South America at one point or another judging by the screen shots. What I don't want to see in this game is MP. MP in a Max Payne game is about as useless as MP for an Assassins Creed game. Seriously, Brotherhood really didn't need the MP. It was just a waste of development time. If they just stick to a SP campaign for MP3. We should see an amazing story,and amazing game play increased 100%.

NYC_Gamer2888d ago

T2 should have brought Remedy and had them work on max payne 3

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The story is too old to be commented.