Call of Duty 4 Limited Collector's Editions Confirmed has discovered that both the Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will get a Limited Collector's Edition.

Additionally, the Xbox 360 edition will also include a bonus DVD with more than four hours of material that explores the S.A.S. from WWII to the present, and a series of "making of" vignettes highlighting Infinity Ward's research, technology and story development for the game.

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socomnick3877d ago

British sas meh while the sas are some bad @ss dudes I rather have a dvd focusing on Marine force recon , Army rangers or Navy seals.

vaan3877d ago

Whatever dude. The SAS were the first, and are still the number one special forces unit in the world.

ShiftyLookingCow3877d ago

Not bad. World in Conflict Collectors Edition has an tiny piece of the real Berlin Wall.


If this Collector's Edition is only revealed ('till now) for PC and X360, why put it under X360's and PS3's channel?

kreetah3877d ago

So we would be happy we have blu-ray and don't need no extra stinkin DVD :)

jackwei223877d ago

SAS are the first special force ever invented and still have the best reputation in the world. Well it makes sense good to be proud of our own SAS!!

REALZILLA3877d ago

From what i hear PS3 get all that content on blue-ray