Quality rules at video awards

When Game of the Year at the Video Game Awards went to free-roaming western epic Red Dead Redemption, it surprised many who saw Mass Effect 2 or Call of Duty: Black Ops as obvious favourites. Oh, and God of War III. People loved God of War III.

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piroh2891d ago

"People loved God of War III."
do not underestimate the power of God of War. this is my personal GOTY. GOW3 won the best graphics award and GOW Ghost of Sparta won the best handheld game award. 'nough said

gladly i can play Red Dead Redemtion, CoD Black Ops, God of War 3 and soon Mass Effect 2 with Mass Effect 3 engine. happy gamer here :)

Tuxmask552890d ago

Having not played GoW3, I can't agree with you. That being said, I've heard great things about it.

SnakeMustDie2890d ago

No, quality doesn't rule video game awards. When a CoD game after 4 wins an award, you know there's something wrong.

DarthRevan2890d ago

RDR sucked
There, I said it. Take my bubbles, pile my disagrees high, and pin my medals upon my chest

Drekken2890d ago

It didn't suck... but it didn't have what it takes to snag so many game of the year awards.

I lost interest around arriving to Mexico. Some people love the R* formula. I for one do not. I bought GTA4 and RDR. I will not be wasting my money on their next game. It will definitely be rented, just not bought.

metsgaming2890d ago

ugh the graphical problems were so annoying in that game. Walk a few feet and a rock or a tree pops out of no where, even if you stand still things will pop up. Sorry i dont call that quality. Plus the gameplay was a laggy mess like gta4.

blumatt2890d ago

Well, had it been only on PS3 or only on PC, those problems would've been less common.

theonlylolking2890d ago

RDR should not have one a thing. Just because a popular dev makes a game does not mean its instantly awesome.