EA CEO: Battlefield 3 comes "in the second half" of 2011

In an interview about Electronic Arts' efforts to take some of the shooter market share away from publisher Activision and its Call of Duty franchise, Riccitiello unveiled, " ... next year we'll make a lot more progress. We've got a couple of third-party games in the form of Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm, and then our big focus is Battlefield 3 in the second half of the year. I'd be shocked if we didn't take a notch out of [Activision]."

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AKA2744d ago

How big is DICE?
this guys make one full game.
work in other games, or make psn game each year.
plus bunch of dlc.

they should take their time and create a full epic game and stop milking.

Insomiac learn and are taking their time.

Wenis2744d ago

Assuming I fully understood what you're saying... DICE is actually a pretty big studio and has multiple teams working on multiple games at any given time.

dragonelite2744d ago

And they have build there own engine.
What do people expect they let artist sit on there ass or something.

Pandamobile2744d ago

They are taking their time, BF3 has likely been in development for 3 or so years now.

NewMonday2744d ago

this is my rant from another post about the Apache helicopters, they are the Quick-Scope of BFBC. Its way overpowered.

Just 2 guys in one of these can decide the game; the pilot simply circles around an area and showers it with hellfire missiles. And it takes down tanks with just 2 shots.

What makes it worse is that it's hard to take down, the only effective way is using the anti- air gun, but they are very few, And it's hard to plant tracer darts on them, it's like trying to hit a fly with a bow and arrow.

DICE should at least make them avalible more, or weaken the missiles and make the heli harder to fly #1.1

TheBand1t2744d ago

Dude, if Battlefield 3 is anything like Battlefield 2, the helis aren't going to be anywhere near as OP as Bad Company 2. Especially since helis in older Battlefields required you to return to the helipad frequently for rearms.

Wenis2744d ago

Yep.. Hopefully they get rid of this infinite ammo for vehicles BS, and allow vehicles to get repaired on runways/helipads instead of relying on an engineer's repair tool. Also bring back health and ammo crates. And everything else that was missing from BF2.

REDGUM2744d ago

I totally agree with you. The 1st two crates on Oasis is a great example. How about being able to (engineer)repair the anti-aircraft guns instead? Or slow the chopper down some. It would be impossible surely to fly with that controll in real life?

Bolts2744d ago

Vehicals in BC 2 in general are overpowered as hell when compared to BF 2 where they're made out of glass and everyone and his dog are packing a guided missile.

NewMonday2744d ago

Wait, this is THE battlefield 3 and not BFBC3?

SeanRL2744d ago

Have you tried hitting a fly with a bow and arrow? Just saying.

gcolley2743d ago

agree with the chopper rant. BFBC1 choppers were perfectly balanced IMHO BC2 choppers are game ruining and i bet the single biggest cause of game quitting.

the other issue i have is having points scoring in the bases (not flags, original bases) which just creates spawn camping. 1943 had the right idea to keep the battle on the battlefield.

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showtimefolks2744d ago

i hope its not fall 2011 i mean how many AAA games can we really have in one fall

resistance 3
twisted metal
gears 3
forza 4
the last guardian

and that list will grow with another COD and maybe another halo from 343 studios

dues ex just got delayed so hopefully that won't be fall 2011

but whatever one thing for sure any gamer who cares about little bit of serious gaming will be broke

gamerzBEreal172744d ago

i doubt a halo spin off will be AAA bungie was strugling to keep halo games AAA after halo 3

not to meantion Reach almost didnt make it to AAA it was a 91 so how is a differnt studio going to come in and make there halo AAA when reviews/players are already teird of it

jrbeerman112744d ago

i find it funny people are tired of the 4th halo game and not the 8th COD game. Not to mention theres the medal of honors of the world trying to duplicate (yes i know it was first).

That being said, its sad people are so into COD when Battlefield is far superior in the gameplay department.

I hope that maybe Dice incorporates some of the replay value of COD BLOPS into its next multiplayer, therefore I can just stick with one game.

RedDead2744d ago

Shiii- too many games to get in the second half of 2011. Battlefield 3 should take over the Fps market for years though.

Terror_B2744d ago

"How big is DICE?
this guys make one full game.
work in other games, or make psn game each year.
plus bunch of dlc.

they should take their time and create a full epic game and stop milking.

Insomiac learn and are taking their time. "

And dumbest comment of the week goes too........

dkgshiz2744d ago

We haven't seen a Battlefield game since 2004. You are thinking of Bad Company. Thats basically just a spin off from the original Battlefield series.

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slinky1234562744d ago

So EA will have B3 Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm in 2011... its like they are trying to compete with themselves.

user8586212744d ago

aswell as dragon age 2, mass effect 3, dead space 2 o_0

slinky1234562744d ago

true but what i ment was FPS' cause those will draw in different crowds usually.

Son_Lee2744d ago

This is great, but where's Mirror's Edge 2?

Yes, I will petition for Mirror's Edge 2 until my ass launches my body into orbit, hopefully around EA's studio to convince them to make a ME2 or, "ALL YOUR FRANCHISES ARE BELONG TO US!"

Pandamobile2744d ago

We've been waiting for BF3 a LOT longer than Mirror's Edge 2.

buckethead_9112744d ago

Isn't that more or less conspicuous given that Battlefield 2 came out before Mirror's Edge?

hoof1232744d ago

I still want Mirrors Edge 2 eventually!

Son_Lee2743d ago

How? Mirror's Edge 2 came out in 2008, BC2 came out this year. How have you waited longer?

buckethead_9112743d ago

He isn't talking about Bad Company 3. It's Battlefield 3. Hence, the F.

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Charazani2744d ago

Second half of 2011 is just mind-numbingly overwhelming. I've been waiting for BF3 for a long time, but with all those games coming out, how can we all find time...

TroyAndAbed2744d ago

Exactly. There is NO WAY all those games will release next year.

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