KILLZONE 2: Friendly AI actually looks different

As if this game hasn't been analyzed ad nauseam thus far, Kills_one, an intrepid observer on the boards over at the PlayStation Underground, has been nice enough to highlight the level of detail that Guerilla has put into it's ISA AI models. We'll have to wait and see if this holds true all the way through to launch, including multiplayer sessions. But if it does, it will be a welcome change to the baldy's of the first KILLZONE. Dissection in last photo:

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Maddens Raiders3840d ago

These are the kind of details that make a great game. If they put this type of detail into other parts of the game with characters as big as Rico and Sev and the gang, we could be in for a real treat.

Thanks Chuck!

MikeGdaGod3840d ago

i'm probably one of the few people that wasn't very interested in this game when i bought my ps3 (mainly because i'm not big on FPS). but the more info that comes out on it, the more interested i am about it.

hope it lives up to expectation

heroman7113840d ago

ya after seeing killzone 1, i tot killzone 2 wont b different. after e3 i was completely shocked

reaperxciv3840d ago

needs no fixing, it must GO GOLD by December!

socomnick3840d ago

no they better not rush it if its good it will make me buy a ps3.
So till then xbox 360 on live.

CrazzyMan3840d ago

yeah, this is a real nextgen game. =)

DJ3840d ago

Making every character unique, no matter how small their role, is definitely an enormous feat in terms of content creation and data storage. If they're willing to go as far as create insects that inhabit the world, it's obvious that this game is going to be swarming with subtle details. We already saw the lightning behaving in a realistic manner when it touches anything metallic.

Hopefully they up the physic interactions even higher and try to pull of realistic rain, i.e. individual drops that merge and fall off of characters and objects, and pool on various surfaces. Then again, maybe that's something for Killzone 3.

Maddens Raiders3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

De Jonge and team continue to emphasize the AI difficulty and continue w/ details like this I am going to be happy. The insects and lighting are nice touches - obviously, and the individ. raindrop effect would be very nice, but I don't want too much to detract from this game or drop fr's unecessarily.

I'm sure we'll see how customizeable the characters are in the MP beta, but it won't lend anything to the actual SP AI until we can run through a campaign. I want the Normal to be hard and the Hard to be Superhuman, etc. That's the sweet point imo. =)

DJ3840d ago

The little details are important, but it's more important to focus on making the game engaging and fun. Thankfully it looks like Guerrilla is doing just that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they have a 'details' department that focuses on doing those little things so that the rest of the team can stick with the bigger picture.

HeartlesskizZ3840d ago

I have not seen a girl in the videos already shown. whats going on?
we also deserve a place in killzone =(

Maddens Raiders3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

that's a good point. I wouldn't mind a "woman's" touch either, but remember that Luger was integral in the first KILLZONE. Of course that was predicated on her relationship with Templar (and her silenced sniper pistol kicked ass), so how this would play into the Helghan assault motif and storyline w/ Sev - Rico, et. al remains to be seen, if at all. I mean if it's simply a watered down portion of the game and storyline simply for the sake of inclusion, I'd rather they not include it.

To this point, I haven't heard about a woman being in this version, but let's not give up hope just yet.

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