Killzone 3 Concept Art: Alien Jungles, Helghast Leaders, and New Enemy Types.

Some photographs from the Killzone 3 press event last month have surfaced showing off posters of new concept art. The first two pictures showcase the two Helghast leaders vying for control after Visari's death (the former a Helghan General and the latter the head of Stahl Arms), while the other pictures show off new enemy designs (in hazmat suits, etc.) and a new environment (probably the jungle environment, but possibly some form of caves of some sort).

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alphakennybody2795d ago

old, these were already posted here when KZ3 was announced.

Forbidden_Darkness2795d ago

They are? I've never seen them :/

alphakennybody2795d ago

these pics were from a killzone 3 press event back in spring.

AKA2795d ago

tue this pictures are old
but i did not saw that consect art like the jungle level but know tha i see the picture againg i guess its.

it will look nice.

cannon88002795d ago

Yeah thats true they are old but they are still fun to look at. The guy on the top looks pretty sweet. The second guy has a perverted smile lol.

Godmars2902795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Wonder if they'll have dogs. They were promising/threatening to have in the last game, right?

JimmySideburns2795d ago

man, i wanted them in the second game.

scar202795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

New or not they look amazing.

Edit:for all the guys that keep asking who'se the chick in my avatar her name is VIDA GUERRA.

ChristianGamer2795d ago

Lol lol. Come on, nobody's asking. You're just trying to create buzz for her. She's just another half naked girl. Nothing special

nix2795d ago

someone did in another thread.

scar202795d ago

@christiangamer actually ive had quite a few pms where people have asked me who she is.

MariaHelFutura2795d ago

Dave Chappelle`s "Pee on you" is where she made her debut.

StarScream4Ever2795d ago

The new Helghan leaders look funny. The first look like fat Stalin, the second like a face from MAD.

Still no female Helghan. -_-

Hazmat132795d ago

they belong in the dust coverd kitchen with a collection of shotguns, pistols, RPG's, and everything else. lol

Bolts2795d ago

If I'm not mistaken, there's going to be a weapon like this in Killzone 3.

AKA2795d ago

nice gun but i think the WaSp own it and is a much fun and better gun.
and yes in the campaign you can use it without the turrent but in the MP you need to be on it because its to powerfull.

Bolts2795d ago

That gun looks overpowered as hell. I hope they nerf that thing before it goes live.

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The story is too old to be commented.