CraveOnline: Best Games of 2010

CraveOnline writes: 2010 was an amazing year for gaming. In fact, saying “amazing” is a vast understatement. We thought last year’s list of best games was hard to draft up. But after spending a lot of time yelling at each other, followed up by some light crying, Joey Davidson and myself, Erik Norris, were able to pick the ten best games of 2010. With each entry on our list you’ll find a short blurb from our review of the title, as well as some commentary on why that game earned the specific spot it’s at on this list. That’s right, we give you justification for our wild opinions! We’ve also included an “Honorable Mentions” section at the very end. So if one of your favorite titles of the year didn’t make the cut, maybe they’ll be on our “just shy” list. Enjoy!

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