Meristation: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam - Review

The good work of DICE is evident again in this expansion of Battlefield Bad Company 2, where this time we totally change the situation and we went to war in Vietnam. Focused exclusively on expanding the multiplayer mode, we find new maps, weapons and vehicles to fight in this hostile territory. Maybe we can talk about big changes in the playable on the original title, but the modifications to accommodate this expansion to the historical background is, that sometimes make us seem to be facing a new title in the series, ignoring the absence of individual campaign. Available only through digital download services, the war is back on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and compatible. We tested the virtues of these battles, not just few.

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Myst2914d ago

Wow the reviews have certainly been glorifying this one. Can't wait to test it out myself when it drops.

NewMonday2914d ago

I just want to rant about the Apache helicopters, they are the Quick-Scope of BFBC. Its way overpowered.

Just 2 guys in one of these can decide the game; the pilot simply circles around an area and showers it with hellfire missiles. And it takes down tanks with just 2 shots.

What makes it worse is that it's hard to take down, the only effective way is using the anti- air gun, but they are very few, DICE should at least make them avalible more, or weaken the missiles and make the heli harder to fly

psycho3602914d ago

Agree. I remember playing original and sometimes you start off in teh middle of circle firing huey's or MIs and it was just matter of waiting for time to finish. NOt that i dint do the same when i used to get chance but again, it used to be fight between 5 to 6 players jumping on the H-Pad trying to get in the copter about to spawn. That destroyed most of fun playing the game. Good thing was the other team was doing the same and when you finally made it to their camp you could easily kill these H-Pad hogging guys in few blasts.

Anyway the fun maps were w/o aircrafts.

Myst2914d ago

Ah yes I remember those Apache I think it's one of the reasons I slowly stepped away from BF:BC2, though I eventually came back.

I agree I found it very easy to fly at least in SP and from what I remember in MP it was hard to pin-point that thing.

dkgshiz2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Thats what I do. I usually take down a helicopter within 2 minutes or less. Not very hard. Of course the apache is over powered. It would be stupid if it wasn't. It just makes the game for fun to play. Its also a small challenge that makes the game more awarding when you destroy one. I just thank god that COD players keep playing COD. You see,every time somebody gets a support helicopter or anything like that. Nobody ever shoots them down with an RPG or even bothers trying to shoot it down with anything. They just let the attack helicopters mow their asses down and keep spawning and running around like retards. They always leave it to me to switch to my RPG class to take it down :( I wouldn't even want to imagine how bad a COD player would be a Battlefield. Especially when a helicopter is buzzing around.

Defective Bot2914d ago

You guys whine too much. The Apache is not overpowered, you guys just have to learn to read the pilot's movements based on his behavior. Learn how to use the tracer(not trying to be a smart ass here) so that the helicopter flies into the tracer's flight path, and make sure you have a squad mate who's ready to fire a tracer at the bird in case the pilot is using smokes.

I hate the apache but I don't cry every time a skilled pilot gets in an apache, I just continue on to the objective or if he's really annoying, I just pull out the tracer and that's it.

zerox5052914d ago

VADS>apache chopper whores

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scar202914d ago

Ahhhh nothing says die like roasting you're enemies with a flamethrower

peowpeow2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Sigh thanks but an ad pops up and when you close it the language goes back to normal.

Chnswdchldrn2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

got for pc

yea this game is fucking good

runs/performs arguably better than bfbc2 did on my rig, and the backdrops and vistas are amazing.

they finally got rid of those hideous red dot sights and acog sights and all that ugly lookin crap; now its all iron sights, and I'm loving that the playing field has been evened (I played iron sights only in bfbc2 btw).

The reskins are amazing; the character models are full of detail, although a bit soulless if you look at their facial features, and the weapons are all skinned in a way that it looks like they have been rolled over by tanks, then dragged 10 miles in muddy water. They are rusty, held together by tape, and have words and phrases etched into the side; dice, however, was nice enough to leave out a weapon jam system.

Maps are cool/balanced for the most part, but there do exist 2 or 3 unwinnable base positions in rush for either the attacking or defending side, to a point that your team has to be utter garbage to lose them or insanely good to win them. Take the charred hillside of hill 137 base for example; even a decent team can hold back a relatively good team of attackers.

plays well at 60 fps (for me anyway) and the hit detection is way better in this expansion than it has been for me in BFBC2.

there are less vehicles populating the maps overall, but the maps are designed in a way that too many would just be a clusterfuck. Also, please don't call me out on this cuz I was never in Vietnam and also am not an expert on the war, but I believe there was a greater emphasis on infantry battle than there was vehicular battle in vietnam (remember this is just based off of what I see in movies lol) So I think DICE's idea to cut back on vehicles better creates a "Vietnam war" experience, as far as vietnam war videogames go in emulating the experience anyways.

so yea its good game, fun, plays well, looks great, and a steal for 15 bucks

also, it's better than the multiplayer component of BFBC2 imo.

zerox5052914d ago

hey guys are the conquest maps as big as 1943's? or are they just like the crappy bc2 conquest maps?