Plans to ban plasma TV's in UK

THE Conservatives will propose banning plasma screens and other energy-guzzling electrical goods in a report to be unveiled next week.

The proposals target white goods like fridges and freezers, as well as TVs, personal computers and DVD players that use too much energy or operate on stand-by.

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rev203878d ago

lol fine by me lcd all the way.

Who buys plasma's now when the difference with lcd's is minimal, sucks if your an early owner and fell into the plasma trap though :<

KenBE3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

There is still a difference, a big difference. Plasma is vastly superior when it comes handling darker environments and that's what I like to see. In terms of quality it's better too, sure it's more expensive, but the price gap has decreased between LCD and Plasma.

It's sad to see people with retarded views (those proposing this measure in the article, I don't mean you), but let them live in the jungle for I all care...

Alvadr3878d ago

BS - LCDs use more energy than plasmas as they have a constantly lit back panel.

This would never happen anyway... Good luck getting voted by banning electrical goods. See you next election tori boys!

bumnut3878d ago

i bet they all turn up for the meeting in v12 jags and bentleys though.

Dark_Overlord3878d ago

me more reasons never to vote for you


And the want to use GNH (Gross National Happiness) well boy you know that people aint gonna be much happy without TV, DVD, and GDP growth.

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