Indie Uprising Review: Hypership Out Of Control (v1.2) (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich shifts gears and reviews a Indie Games Winter Uprising release that's not actually a new title, but an update of an older one:

"Hypership Out of Control isn’t really a new game. It came out towards the beginning of September. However it’s most recent update was advertised as one of the fourteen Uprising releases, so since it’s technically a part of the movement and it never received a full review, we find ourselves at this juncture.

"Your ship has lost its Space Brakes and you have no way to slow down. In fact, your ship keeps going faster and faster. What’s a freaked-out space ace to do? Use their reflexes, dumb luck and possible skill to grab coins, blast through the weaker obstacles and mostly not crash, that’s what."

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RobsteinOne2866d ago

This was a great game when it was first released, and practically doubling the content with a mirroring makes it even better.

thisdustin2866d ago

This Winter Uprising thing is looking pretty sweet!

tigresa2865d ago

That's kinda nice that the devs still update their Indie games on XBL.

ShadowPraxis2865d ago

It's nice that they don't have to go through the same BS that XBLA developers have to to get an update released - approval, certification, etc. The Indie approval process is a lot more streamlined.

RobsteinOne2865d ago

My only issue with the way this works is that as far as I know there's no way for you to know if an indie game has an update available unless you follow the devs via their website or Twitter or something.

acronkyoung2865d ago

That hypership doesn't look out of control at all. It looks like it's on a pretty controlled path.

RogueCheddar2864d ago

At least there are some decent XBLA indie titles emerging