Do Reviews Matter? Yes, Sales Study Shows

Sony has recently said that critics and reviews do not matter and do not affect video game sales. However, a new study shows otherwise: video games with a Metascore above 90% gross 531 percent higher than the industry average in the US, and those games make up less than 2 percent of all released titles. The study examined hundreds of titles for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii that are sold through both retail and downloadable channels.


The new study, titled "Console Intelligence Brief 2007," was conducted by a San Diego-based independent research firm, Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR).

EEDAR's mission is to help publishers and developers make informed decisions about how to build and market games. The objective of this research paper is to "analyzes the importance of online functionality, game review scores, and identifies success factors among consoles." summarizes the study in a succinct, easy-to-understand language. You may read Next-Gen's article via the second article link below. and the official EEDAR site reveal additional interesting key points like how online features, ESRB ratings, and genres influence sales.

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BloodySinner3938d ago

It stops gamers from playing the crappy ones, most of the time, anyway.

the_round_peg3938d ago

So it'll appear on the front page and get the message across.

Click on the source and alternate links.

xaphanze3938d ago

do you work with green peace or something?

ktchong3938d ago

Nowadays there are *so many* games being released that people can't possibly "check out" and "try out the demo" for every single game release. So how do people narrow down their choices and decide what games they should "check out" and "try out the demo for themselves"? Because normal people (those with jobs, careers, families and lives) simply don't have the time to try out all the good *and* bad games to decide for themselves.

By reading reviews. If reviews after reviews say a game is good, then the game is at least worth checking out and trying out the demo. If reviews after reviews say a game is horrible, then don't even waste your time -- because if you have a life, you just don't have the time to check out and try out every single good or bad games and demos for yourselves.

Reviews help to narrow down choices, narrow down what games and demos you should spend you time on. If the reviews say a game, then I'll at least spend some time to check it out. if all the reviews say a game is horrible (i.e., Lair,) then the game is not even worth my time -- do you know how many bad games are out there? You can't possibly check out all of the bad games if you have a life and job.

VirusE3938d ago

Yeah it stops us from play worthless over hyped trash like lair.

JordanL3938d ago

The point was the aggregate of reviews is an indicator, not any particular source.

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jcgamer3938d ago

I thought that was interesting...

PimpHandHappy3938d ago

anything i see get under a 7 on most reviews i wont buy but i will rent it.

anything that gets 8 and over on gameinformer or gamespot i will think of buying.

Its when ppl start saying it got a 8 and its not worth my money is when ppl have lost the whole thing about games. U choose your world and u play what u think you will like.

the_round_peg3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

So it'll appear on the front page and get the message across.

So, next time, when a fanboy tells you: "those darn review scores do not matter!" You will be able to give them a link and talk back: "...haven't you read the study?"

Click on the source and alternate links to turn up the heat, baby.

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