Tell Me a Story: Why Games Need Narratives

CheatCC - "As games grow more sophisticated over the years, it is necessary for developers to insert some kind of narrative into their creations. Even fighting games like SoulCalibur often have a tacked-on "plot" about an evil sword to try to give players some purpose for beating the brains out of NPCs when their friends aren't around to play. These days, video games are often touted as the newest story-telling medium, taking the place of television. Many of us have been moved by the stories of certain video games, in the same way that we are moved by novels, movies, and TV shows. So, how important is the story in a game?"

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VersusEM2866d ago

To me story and gameplay matters the most in games. While gameplay is more important, if a game didn't have a good story I'd still be little disappointed and be hesitated about buying it. Games like Borderlands, Earth Defense Force 2012 and LittleBigPlanet do well without it, a good story would be nice. But games like God of War 3,Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, and so on do greatly in blending the most important elements together.

NovusTerminus2866d ago

The three factors with me in gaming. In this order.

Art Direction > Gameplay > Story

Now I am not an art snob or anything, but I do draw. And I don't like characters who look like they're entire diet is made up of Metrix. I like a great story, but gameplay and hold a game up. If the story is great but the gameplay is bad, I might not finish it.

VersusEM2866d ago

I didn't think about art direction, I draw too, and hoping to get a job as a graphic design in the gaming industry

ChickeyCantor2865d ago

I hope you educated yourself enough about the industry to know how harsh it can be.

Quagmire2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Imo Stories give gamers an incentive to play the game. I believe most gamers prefer Gameplay > Story, but I like it to be the other way around, despite many games which can be enjoyed with a non-extistant story.

Its another reason why I prefer SP games to MP games. No incentive to play MP, other than shoot, kill, die, respawn, rinse, repeat.