Bioshock ships 1.5M; Sequels being discussed

"I'm particularly pleased with the tremendous market response to 2K's BioShock," said Zelnick. "It is reported we are the top-selling title at GameStop, less than a month since launch. We have already shipped more than 1.5 million units. Clearly we have a new hit franchise on our hands. And this one was developed internally and we own the IP. We're proving our ability to diversify Take-Two's product portfolio."

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Le-mo3843d ago

Sorry for the wrong image

MK_Red3843d ago

Superb news. BioShock is awesome and deserves to sell a lot. I hope they don't destroy it with low sequels.

Odion3843d ago

wow 1.5 million thats way more then i thought for its start.

nasim3843d ago

Bioshock sold around 500 k on PC

and around 400k on x360

Odion3843d ago

actually its sold around 600k on 360, so the figure isn't that off and over a million for a new IP in madden time is amazing

castdreams3841d ago

Was it you, or larry007 who said that bioshock wouldn't sell more than 250k?

synetic3843d ago

its indeed a great game i can run this game at max stats and its amazing ( good to have a 3000 euros pc )hope the sequel gets some online