MAG on PSP2? and Big MAG Announcement Next Week

On the latest Zipper Podcast, Travis Steiner and Ben Jones return to the show once again to help us with new insights into the state of MAG and a few new SOCOM tidbits for your ears. Also talks about Possibility of MAG on PSP, like a strategy base game. Also there set to be big announcement on MAG. Have listen.

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pedrami912919d ago

Sounds really doubtful, but if true, it would probably be a PSP2 game/launch title to show off it's online capabilities of some sort.

My 2 cents.

El_Colombiano2918d ago

I expect big things for PSP2 and PSN. It will fail if it doesn't have full PSN compatibility.

saint_john_paul_ii2918d ago

not just full PSN Capabilities, but brings more new features for the PSN, not to mention unique features that work for PSP2 only.

MrGunny942919d ago

That would be a big fail.

remanutd552918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

care to elaborate your comment a little more ? i think it could go pretty well if MAG is being planned as a PSP 2 launch title , i mean what better game than MAG or Warhawk to showcase your console online capabilities? i was hoping to see Warhawk instead but if indeed MAG is coming as a psp 2 launch title then i dont see how that could be seen as bad , i dont think it will support so many players but perhaps 32? something like a MAG portable version , anyways hope to see the PSP2 make its debut with full PSN online functionalities , that would be a big , big plus to me

AKA2918d ago

yeah, warhawk will do much better for a psp2.
MAG will not mach for a psp.

maybe they are adding 3d upgrade for mag? i mean they are adding that feature to SOCOM 4 and they already upgrade MOVE support for MAG.

LordMarius2919d ago

Will be looking out for the Socom tidbits

Solbadguy2918d ago

I thought it said "Big MAC" at first glance. Damn you McDonalds!