Gamespot reviews Heavenly Sword

Ever since it was first shown, Heavenly Sword has drawn comparisons to God of War. Like SCEA's flagship franchise, Heavenly Sword has great production values, exciting combat, and an enjoyable story with interesting characters. What it doesn't have is length, clocking in at just six-and-a-half hours from start to finish. So while it's a great game, it's a great game you can beat in one sitting.

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nasim3906d ago

i am not surprised since an 8.0 for a ps3 game on a heavy MS biased GS ===10 on other websites.

BTW Bioshock got 9 HS ==Bioshock ===warhawk by all means since GS has a hbit of underrating ps3 games and overrating x360 games.

WOWHAWK got the 8.5 @ GS .WOWHAWK is the best MP game of all time

all european websites have given HS a minmum of 9.

HS would be the game of the year on EU and JAPANESE websites.

take that garbage box 360

Gizmo_Logix3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Seems about right for a GameSpot review. They gave Bioshock a 9.0. It would have gotten a higher score if it was longer. Say, 12-14 hours.

Kratos123906d ago

Where did you pick it up from?

Lifendz3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

That's AA. Not bad but not a classic. Sounds like it would've been had it been longer. Maybe next time. I'll rent it.

Edit: What the heck? I lose a bubble and get a disagree for what? Saying I'll rent it and that next time it could be a classic?

DrPirate3906d ago

If the sequels prove better, it has the possibility to become a triple A landmark titles.

Just look at Metal Gear Solid 1: Bad reviews.

dhammalama3906d ago

Review scores don't make a classic!!! It's the fans and followers that raise a game to that level.

ISay3906d ago

haha i dont know who took your bubble away but your edit was hilarious those ps3 fan boys are rabid, im goanna give you your bubble back. but be more careful about having in opinion.

MK_Red3906d ago

Superb score considering this is the GameSpot. Maybe they are getting back to their senses after giving terribly low scores to Metroid Prime 3 and BioShock.


i have read a lot of your comments, i must say you seem to good to be true !

if only more of the fans could be as positive...

Blasphemy3906d ago

Will pick this game up later this month. I could honestyly care less about lenght right now as I have yet to beat Ninja Gaiden Sigma and I have had it every since it came out.

Violater3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

It would have been better received had it been longer.
Unlike games that leave you wondering when it's all going to end, Heavenly Sword leaves u wanting more.

I will be buying and sipping that [email protected] like a $1000 glass of wine.

jcgamer3906d ago

"I will be buying and sipping that [email protected] like a $1000 glass of wine.
Slllooooooowwwly." -Violater

quote of the day bro, bubble for you...I always take time with my games...speed runs were for the 8-bit generation...

jackdoe3906d ago

I still do speed runs for games that really pull me into the story, you know. Want to play a whole game in one sitting sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.