Facebook now has a "favourite games" field

After many years of being able to put their favourite movies, books and artists on their profile, Facebook has now added an additional field to display your favourite games.

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The-Tentacle2894d ago

Fantastic, GT5 is going in there right now!

LarVanian2894d ago

Cool I've already added Shadow of the Colossus, MGS, Uncharted, Battlefield and GOW to mine :D

RustyMagus2894d ago

Sweet! I definitely approve.

borisfett2894d ago

Odd, I never questioned why this wasn't there, and now that it is, all I can think is "Why wasn't this here sooner?!"

I expect mine to be full up with about a hundred titles before the night is out.

borisfett2894d ago

P.S. that banner image is brilliant.

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The story is too old to be commented.