GameZone Review: TRON: Evolution

"TRON: Legacy is getting eaten alive by critics this weekend, so it’s no surprise that its video game counterpart is on par with every other mediocre tie-in this industry has become notorious for. What is surprising, however, is the direction Propaganda Games, the studio behind the ill-fated Turok reboot, has taken the gameplay."

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Dsnyder2773d ago

Movie game. No shock here.

pr0digyZA2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Man this sucks, especially considering that tron has had an awesome game iteration in the past. They really had a great opportunity with this, more so than other movie license games due to the subject manner. Hopefully there will be a real Tron game not bound by the confines of a movies parameters or a game developers lack of inhibition.

Cajun Chicken2773d ago

It's called Tron 2.0 by Monolith for PC. Disney decided to forget about it.