Are Bringing Back the Classics Really Worth it?

RipTen: "I recently had the opportunity to play X-Men Arcade on Xbox Live and it instantly brought back memories of dumping quarters by the handful into arcade machines when I was a kid. The nostalgia was awesome, at least for a moment . . ."

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Dsnyder2866d ago

Depends on the game really. Some games are just so good that even the most faithful remake will be shot down by fans and reviewers. Look at what happened to Goldeneye. Remaking such a monstrous game on an incapable console was one of the worst mistakes this gen.

MariaHelFutura2866d ago

I bought MK2 off of PSN (for $5)and have put over 100 hrs into it.

headwing452866d ago

I'm waiting for Crash Bash on PSN

CrzyFooL2866d ago

X-Men Arcade - Doing it wrong

Monkey Island: Special Edition - doing it right

If you're gonna charge $10 for an old game - at least make it worth our time and money.

Baka-akaB2866d ago

the way to do it imo is street fighter 2 hd remix .

Actually make a remix 2d or 3d in hd of the game with extra features , and yet offer the original as well .

Arup022866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Monkey Island SE worth the money, it's not just the old game, it have some cool features, voice acting, new graphics... And you can change between the New version to the original one anytime.

Baka-akaB2866d ago

then it's done the same way as sf2 hd remix ... good to know

ChickeyCantor2866d ago

GE did well, even among critics...

Can some one snap another bubble of this guy?

Dsnyder2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Oh yeah take a bubble from me just because you dont agree. I swear the censorship on this site is unbelievable. Its like N4G was made by Stalin and Lenin. In order for anyone to NOT lose bubbles around here, they have to be as neutral as those aliens from futurama. Well you know what? Im not neutral. Im a human being and I have an opinion and im not afriad to say it. Take my damn bubbles. You cant take them all and I will continue to post not matter what because if I stop, communism wins and I will not let that happen.

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jaredhart2866d ago

Sure. It just sux to be overcharged. I got X-men free and I'm glad I did.

Good game but not worth $10. Consoles overcharge for classics. On the PC they are cheap.

KingNintendoFanboy2866d ago

I like the classics but they should be less money.

greeneggsnsam2866d ago

Yeah.. Nintendo just brought out SM All-Stars as a disc based game again. Stupidly expensive.

dkblackhawk502866d ago

Sure as hell is, I love my classics :D

Bass_fisherman2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

'Bringing back the classics really worth it'

yes as long it keeps its original content intact and its cheap like indy dev games.

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