Nintendo DS Tops 140m Units Worldwide in Six Years

VGChartz: Whatever the case may be, no system is going to be able to touch most DS figures for a long time. At 175m, the split for DS by region could very well be 35m for Japan, 73m Others, and 67m Americas - amazing figures by any standard for each market. Still, the DS does sell well almost everywhere - its base in a place like South Korea which isn't a top ten video game market - is more than half the size of the PS3 base in Japan which is one of the top three video game markets. DS has likely sold more in Mexico than X360 has in Japan, and selling a similar number of DS systems in Japan to Wiis in the USA is no easy feat either. The only figure that might be touched anytime soon on a regional basis is the Americas figure of 67m - there is an outside chance Wii could get there eventually in the Americas. At 35m in Japan, Game Boy would be the only system within even 10m units, as GBA, PS2, PS1, NES, SNES, Wii, PSP and all others will end up below 25m. 3DS would need at least 5 ye...

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Matthew942919d ago

Is it the best selling system of all time now???

SMOK3xFFx2919d ago

PS2 is at 147.6 million.

But damn I never thought anything cuold reach that high ever again.

SoapShoes2919d ago

PS2 still has more, but not by much. If they stop selling it when the 3DS comes out then I think they'll be tied.