Top 5 Marvel characters to never face off against Capcom

PSBeyond takes a look at Marvel characters who least deserve to be left out of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise

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IronFistChinMi2916d ago

Apart from Nick Fury (don't know much about him), I can see all of the rest fitting in well.

dericb112916d ago

Punisher = Chris Redfield
Blade = Dante

The others maybe but truth is Capcom is trying to make the roster diverse as possible. Placing people with similar moves is a waste.

Nightclawer would be Spider-man with a teleport ability. It most likely won't happen. Just because you like someone does not mean they would make for a "FIGHTING GAME".

Darkfocus2916d ago

they should take out chris and put in the punisher then...chris just isn't that iconic especially his RE5 iteration

dericb112916d ago


That would make a little sense but MVC3 is story based and all people in it seem to have a reason for being there. They aren't goes to add a out of place character for nothing. All these complains and we will buy the game anyway so just enjoy the product they release.

agc65722916d ago

100% agree, all of those would be awesome playable characters.

Fatal Blow2916d ago

i would have love to play as blade and cut everyone to death o well one can only dream there is so many players i want from both marvel and capcom but it would be hundreds and it wont happen any time soon tho

dericb112916d ago

You could just use Dante or Dealpool. They both use swords and guns.

boricua822916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Sucks that Daredevil isn't even on that list let alone the game
I'd rather have Daredevil over nightcrawler any day

CrzyFooL2916d ago

It's all Ben Affleck's fault.

Quagmire2916d ago

The movie wasnt too bad.

Dark_Overlord2916d ago

They'll probably all make it to the game, as paid DLC (This is Capcom after all)

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The story is too old to be commented.