Farmville For Dummies now available; the world is coming to an end

BT write: "Yes it’s official, there is a Farmville for Dummies book. The world has ended and hell has frozen over.

With Farmville become so complicated to use (heavy sarcasm), a book was made to help new players get a head start into the wonderful world of farming online."

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DORMIN2713d ago

" the world is coming to an end"


QuantumSponge2713d ago

It's funny, the people at Rapture Ready say the same thing almost every day.

swishman2713d ago

omg. the 2012 apocalypse is beginning

CombineElite2712d ago

The world better not end until after Half life 2 Ep 3 is released and I play through it 4 or 5 times then the world can end.

so until then I got plenty of duct tape to hold it together