Uncharted 3 Gameplay Breakdown

So everyone has seen the Uncharted 3 demo from Jimmy Fallon's late night show by now, and now We Got This Covered breaks down what exactly we saw in the demo and what it tells us about the game.

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Cwalk8162590d ago

I wish they had someone better playing : /

TheHip142590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Haah ya same

MGRogue20172590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Judging from the footage, It looked pretty much the same as Uncharted 2...

But I know that Uncharted 3 looks 100x better than UC2.. we just haven't been shown the right footage that shows us that yet.

metsgaming2590d ago

im pretty sure that the chateau level is currently in alpha stage of production. Just look at the vid on jimmy fallon the first guy he punched look horrible his whole body looked bad. The enemies in uc1 looked better, thats because its in alpha stage. It means to have everything playable but the glitches arent fixed and the graphics arent fixed up. Then they move to beta stage which is to fix just glitches and then it goes gold.

GCO Gamer2590d ago

I just can;t wait... Uncharted 3 going to be awesome!!!

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