Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam available now on Steam

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion is now available through Steam.

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spektical2919d ago

dammit 3 more days :/

o well back to Oasis!!!

Geinsar2919d ago

I haven't had much chance recently to try out the new VIP Map Pack, so I'll need to get round to playing those first before venturing into 'Nam.

spektical2919d ago

ur missing out!!!

There's is a lot going on in Oasis and Harvest day.. i can't put my finger on it why theres more going on than in BC1, but i would have to start with the UAV.

Geinsar2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I know what you mean. I managed to play a full round on Oasis the day after it released and it was chaos. It's definitely one of the best Bad Company series' maps.


256bit2919d ago

harvest day..they changed everything that missle strike thing at the start with the attackers is gone. and some of the locations for the objectives the defenders have to defend have changed locations. OASIS is way differ than i remember. it really changed in conquest but i dont remember it having any rush mode in it in BC1

stevenhiggster2919d ago

It did have rush mode. They have definitely changed both maps but not massively and mostly it was necessary because of the BC2 destruction engine. Can you imagine that big artillery cannon with destruction 2.0, there would be nothing left of the map within minutes!

memots2919d ago

two word -- Freaking awesome !!!

CrzyFooL2919d ago

but I dont have BFBC 2 no fair!!! WTB standalone DLC!!

Trunkz Jr2919d ago

This expansion is totally worth it, it's only $15 and seeing as BF2 Special Forces was $30 its a pretty good deal. The maps are very well done, flame thrower and weapons and pretty nice as well. Truly a MUST buy.

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