PS3.5 A Possibility, Forza 4 Revealed, Mass Effect 3 Unveiled -Nick's Gaming View Episode #34

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #34, Nick covers this week's latest news including the unveiling of Forza Motorsport 4 and the announcement of Mass Effect 3. Nick also talks about the recently published patent from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan which hints towards a PS3.5. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

-Nick McCandless

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Nick2120042866d ago

What do you guys think of the possibility of a PS3.5 due to an external processor? With this following the PC ways, do you feel it will add to the console's life cycle or just cause confusion and segmentation?

Nitrowolf22866d ago

Yeah it's possible. But will def create confusion. I think if they are going to do this, the game should still be able to be played with normal PS3. The external should only be able to give it a graphical, performance boost like PC, and not make it require to have at all to play the game. If the change is noticable i will def buy it.

Ocelot5252866d ago

everyone who some shit about computer architecture knows PS3.5 is not possible

there is simply no interface on the PS3 available to accommodate the communication between the PS3 and the ext. co-CPU

-HDMI: already needed to connect TV
- gig. Ethernet port: not enough bandwith, latency problems due to processing delay etc.
- AV port: not enough bandwith

Dragon_Hiko2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

They absolutely will never release this. Upgrading hard drives, adding maybe a few new options is one thing. But literally changing the game development platform would be suicide. They filed a patent, but that doesn't mean anything. Sony's filed hundreds of patents I'm sure, and they're going to continue to patent tech and ideas so they could make and sell the product if they wanted to. Doesn't mean they will. would be suicide for them. Because if game developers start developing games for this, but no one buys one can play the games that were made for it. It's just a bad idea all around lol.

mephixto - Ahh...I see. Out of curiosity how does this help devs though? They have more resources to work with to develop the game; but when they go to put it onto what normal ps3's, how would that work? I just don't...see the point.

mephixto2866d ago

This "External processor" it's only for dev kits and debug units

karl2866d ago

i think they might do it..

but the thing is.. that first they need to sell i would say as many ps3 as ps2.....

when u have an install base that big.. u can market the external processor as a new console (ps4) the same MS did with kinect NOW

under those conditions i think it would be possible

i think they need to wait so everyone is ready to make the jump .. but u need to be really clear on whats going to be playable on the ps3 without and with the external processor from then on...

jjohan352865d ago

When I first heard of the patent, I initially thought it was not going to be for devs, but for specific scientific or military purposes. I find it absolutely unnecessary for the gaming market. The PS3 has no competition when it comes to hardware or graphics. The gain it gets is very little unless they are going to offer a really advance peripheral or technology that has a need for it. But in terms of the current games and the technology behind them, the PS3 has no competition. It only depends on the developers laziness.

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Dsnyder2866d ago

Personally PS3.5 doesnt sound like a bad idea. The hardware in ps3 is already so advanced that it feels like a generation 8 console so a slight upgrade will make it seem next gen.

topekomsi2866d ago

I would def throw a turbo on my ps3, that could add even more "poof" to exclusives...

SonyPlayStation42866d ago

Sony were going to do a PS2.5 but decided to just make a PS3

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