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What's The Next Call of Duty Game Going To Be?

Max Console: A lot has happened over the past few years with the Call of Duty franchise. Changes in developers, a supposed plot to reveal information on the franchise's secret leading to a lawsuit and the birth of Respawn Entertainment under EA Games. Not to mention the purchases of several website names such as "call of duty future warfare". What's the next Call of Duty game going to be, and who's going to be developing it? That's something that only --supposedly-- Activision knows right now. But let's have a guess anyway. (Call of Duty, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Matthew94  +   1536d ago
Call of Duty 8: America gonna go beat up some terrorists
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scar20  +   1536d ago
Wrong Call of Duty 8:Alamo warfare xDDD.

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lociefer  +   1535d ago
its gonna be a same copy of all the others, except maybe with a new pic and name;
Call of Duty: You name it
Call of Duty: Glitch Warefare
Call of Duty: Campers united
Call of duty: Bobby Collectors eddition
Call of Duty: Duck warefare
Call of Duty: America vs whats left from all the other cods
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Dead_Pixel   1535d ago | Spam
jeseth  +   1535d ago
Call of Duty : Shovel Ware-fare

Call of Duty : Infinity Where'd You Go

Call of Duty : Host Migration Ops

Call of Duty : Account for Lag Warfare

... those are 4 good names.
ssj2gohan83  +   1536d ago
Call of Duty 8: Rape Your Wallet.

Call of Duty 8: Mediocrity.

Call of Duty 8: Pedobear Edition.

Call of Duty 8: Kotick Warfare. A game where you fight the evil forces of Kotick

...and I have nothing else.
lazysey  +   1535d ago
You'll find out in 3 months.
metsgaming  +   1535d ago
"whats the next call of duty game going to be?"

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Baka-akaB  +   1535d ago
call of dooty .

Call of duty : regression warfare

Call of duty : medieval warfare

Call of duty : Colosseum

Call of duty : Diamond/Pearl
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mobijoker  +   1536d ago
Maybe CoD:Bugfest
Droid Control  +   1535d ago
I wish COD would die now. I'm so tired of COD and Halo.
spektical  +   1535d ago
im gonna go out on a limb and say

COD: Modern Warfare 3.
Thecraft1989  +   1535d ago
I would of thought sledgehammer would do something different It will make them stand out more towards to cod fanbase.
kissmeimgreek  +   1535d ago
CoD: Black ops 2

this time itll be about an elite team taking out the communist, nazi, greedy heads of infinity ward before they destroy Americas #1 publisher, Activision.

[taken from official statement by activision]
CYBERHATER  +   1535d ago
Enough already just update what you got jeez.
HK6  +   1535d ago
Q - "What's The Next Call of Duty Game Going To Be?"

A - "Terrible."
mikepmcc  +   1535d ago
Stole the words out of my mouth.
topekomsi  +   1535d ago
Call of duty: Civil warfare
Call of duty: 1812
Call of duty: future conflict: N Korea
Bass_fisherman  +   1535d ago
CoD: Reclycled Warfare
Dsnyder  +   1535d ago
The next call of duty game will be about war.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1535d ago
''What's The Next Call of Duty Game Going To Be?''
The same broken glitched with bugs, full of campers and noob game?
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topekomsi  +   1535d ago
Call of duty: respawn sux
topekomsi  +   1535d ago
Edit:Come on guys, i don't hate respawn. It's from CoD point of view.
niceguyWii3  +   1535d ago
cod 2k11...
Welshy  +   1535d ago
Not developed by Treyass.

That's something at least
topekomsi  +   1535d ago
Call of duty: don't ask don't tell
Arup02  +   1535d ago
You have a creepy avatar
topekomsi  +   1535d ago
Don't quote me, but i think it's from "the exorcist".
Which is the creepiest movie evaR!!
TheNocturnus  +   1535d ago
No no no! Its from the movie Evil Dead, that demon chick is locked in the cellar of the cabin. Come on!
visualb  +   1535d ago
well...considering the direction they've been taking

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BigKev45  +   1535d ago
Call of Duty: Space Boogie
scar20  +   1535d ago
iLLNESS - Today
"Call of Duty: The Better FPS despite the hating bandwagons."
Is this guy for real anyone else besides me wanna slap some sense into him?
BYE  +   1535d ago
What's the next car Bobby Kotick is going to buy from your hard earned cash?
oguzsasi  +   1535d ago
CaptainPunch  +   1535d ago
It's going to be sledgehammer's Call of Duty. Honestly I'm sick of seeing a new call of duty every year.
TheNocturnus  +   1535d ago
Call of Duty: It will look nice sitting next to my copies of COD 2,3,4:MW, WaW, MW2 and BO. Geez, why all the hate for the COD series. Those games kick ass. Just because it's buggy as hell on that piece of crap system doesn't mean its not good on the PC and 360.
Welshy  +   1535d ago
U have a flawless PC or 360 black ops?? Plz send me a copy because, on differing levels, it's sh!t on all platforms

To think they actually charge you EXTRA from normal games and it doesn't work properly out the box...
TheNocturnus  +   1535d ago
I have a 360 copy but I gave the PC the benefit of the doubt because "teh PC gamez rule all" I suggest you install it to the hard drive and then play it. I really have not had any problems to speak of.
JeffGUNZ  +   1534d ago
I have the 360 version and run into no real issues. It actual plays a lot like COD4 and is my favorite COD to date.
mobijoker  +   1535d ago
Have you played it on pc???Its ridiculously bugged.6 hours of gameplay,14 crashes,innumerable lags=pc version of BLOPS.The reviewers that gave it 8 was the same guys who deduct marks for bugs.But for some KoDickian reasons,they always forget to deduct marks for CoD games' bugs.
TheNocturnus  +   1535d ago
Ok, my mistake. Its only good on the 360 then. I have had minimal issues with the game since I got it on launch day. The only minor issue I've had is an occasional host migration, and I chalk that up to the host leaving the game.
jdktech2010  +   1535d ago
I'm enjoying Black Ops but I think BO will be my last COD game especially with ME3, UC3, Gears 3 and Elder Scrolls 5 coming out next holiday....just not enough money for something similar to BO
mobijoker  +   1535d ago
Right you are.2010s big holiday releases were pushed back to q1 of 2011 for this average game.Next year,its not gonna happen as all the titles you listed are titan titles of gaming and they all are 99% certain to be epic whereas CoD will be a subpar bugfest.
Gamer_Z  +   1535d ago
Idk as long as Treyarch the "B team" isn't developing the next Call of Duty it should be good but not great :o
Karum  +   1535d ago
What's The Next Call of Duty Game Going To Be?
About as well made as a chocolate bomb shelter.
sonicsidewinder  +   1535d ago
Call of...i give up
lex-1020  +   1535d ago
I remember reading an article on Ign a while ago that the next COD was going to be futuristic, most likely in space.
armorki  +   1535d ago
Call of duty : hackers attack again.
Tikicobra  +   1535d ago
Call of Duty: Terrorist Martian Warfare

I mean, is it any more ridiculous than Modern Warfare 2?
Stuart5756  +   1534d ago
Call Of Duty: Take all eight inches of this you daft twats who keep buying COD games.
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