5 Xbox 360 Games For Christmas

Bright Hub: Christmas is approaching fast, and if you haven't bought your Christmas presents yet, time is running out. Shops are running low on stock, especially when it comes to video gamesXbox 360. But finding the right game can be hard, and sometimes even frustrating if you yourself don't happen to be a huge gamer. What you'll find in this article is a list of five Xbox 360 games for Christmas that are sure to put smiles on faces come Christmas day.

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BlmThug2922d ago

Good Games, Im Picking Up Just Cause 2, Batman AA, Assassins Creed 2 & Forza 3 Ultimate Collection This Christmas

Wenis2922d ago

You'll enjoy JC2, that game is awesome.

ECM0NEY2922d ago

Just Cause 2 is just a easter egg hunt with explosions. I would suggest a rent on that one.

showtimefolks2922d ago


rent this before you buy it even if its $20 its a huge game but what good is a huge game if its not as awsome as what people have made it out to be

and that's coming from someone who bought it at right when it came out

don't press the disagree every gamer has their own tate i liked the first just cause much more than the 2nd

if you want to have fun with a cheap game pick up mercenary 2 don't watch any review just do yourself a fanvor you will have a blast blowing things up and a decent story

Wenis2921d ago

The only thing I really liked more in the first JC was the music, it was alot cooler. Felt like you were playing with a 1980's action movie soundtrack.

josephayal2922d ago

The best game for christmas is QUANTUM THEORY

ChristianGamer2922d ago

I'm picking up Alan Wake for Xmas/bday tomorrow. This is gonna complete my best year of gaming after getting Splintercell, Mass Effect 2, Limbo, Assassin's Creed 2, Gears 2, Forza 3, Braid, Street Fighter 4 and Doritos Crash Course all this year

AAACE52922d ago

@christiangamer... Half the games you want, you can't play! Christians aren't suppose to have comtact with ghost, spirits, godlike beings, violence, etc.

You did know that right!

ChristianGamer2922d ago

Why do I have 4 disagrees? Are you people saying I didn't buy those games this year or that it isn't my best year of gaming? I can't help it that those games amongst the others that I bought this year made it the best gaming year I've ever had. You mad because I didn't say gt5? God of war 3? Heavy rain? Fable 3? Halo Reach? What? I don't understand

siyrobbo2922d ago

you cant have an opinion, don't even try you will always be wrong

JustGamer2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Unfortunately, N4G isn't a gamer's site. It's a fanboy's site.

So, even if you're expressing your own opinion, if you don't list the exclusive games fanboys love, you will be strongly disagreeded.

Sad, but true.

HungryGoku2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

You only have a 360 enjoy it I think you don't have a Ps3 so it wouldn't make sense to say Heavy Rain,God of War,Gt5 etc etc if your console gives you joy that is all that matters and should purchase what you [email protected] Christian.

showtimefolks2922d ago

and was playing mass effect 1 and man i tell you SP took me about 12:30 to play through i might pick up the copy of ME2 on my ps3 later when the price goes down but anyone who has not played ME1 do your self a favor and now i am about to start with ME2 just imported my character can't waite to get it on again

alan wake
fable 2 or 3
halo 3 which i have or reach

ps for some weird reason i just can't play gears i just hate the game and i don't hate many games but its just too werid for me too slow in a way. i bought 1-2 after me2 i hope i can get my money's worth and lay both but it doesn't look good right now

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