Bulletstorm Will Put The Fun Back Into FPS

Bulletstorm will put the fun back into FPS. At least thats what the developers, People Can Fly, are saying. What does that mean though? Is the FPS genre not fun anymore? Has it dried up? We Got This Covered answers the question.

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TheHip142554d ago

What do you guys think? Is the FPS genre dead? Does it need to be revived?

Timesplitter142554d ago

I think there's hope in Bulletstorm and COD needs to die a lonely and shameful death.

But Bulletstorm hasn't proven itself yet

Mista T2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

yep, too many shooters try to be "omg realistic" and others are too darn boring and try nothing to be fun.

This is why I have hope in this and Duke Nukem Forever.

It's like fun fps were left in last gen. games like Timesplitters are the true fun fps, just an example. But I do like Counter Stike though, that's an exception

fps Games are way too serious, and that changes next year

AEtherbane2554d ago

Bulletstorm looks totally legit

RaymondM2553d ago

far from dead, we've always had decent FPS games with the likes of Half Life and Halo, I just dont know if bulletstorm will be as good

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Cwalk8162554d ago

Hm... well I think FPS isn't dead, it's just being monopolized by the Call of Duty franchise. I would like a new type of FPS, Call of Duty gets old...

Cajun Chicken2554d ago

Old school FPS are the new FPS. Can't wait for the FPS renaissance.

Duke Nukem Forver

rlm412554d ago

Can't wait.. Getting the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm to play Gears of War 3 beta aswell :)

Vherostar2554d ago

FPS cant be fun anymore there too serious the only one that was ever "fun" was timesplitters and that series is frozen so to speak right now. Crytek can make another but I doubt bulletstorm will get the same kind of fun elements TS had.

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The story is too old to be commented.