Your Activision Boycott Will Never Work

Gamers are very selective about the causes they wish to champion. To be more specific (not to mention insultingly blunt), they’ll be activists about anything, provided they don’t actually have to be active. When it comes to politics and the legality of game sales, you won’t find too many gamers on the frontlines. When the ESRB has crossed a line, very few are the gamers who write to them in an attempt to appeal. But if Final Fantasy XIII goes to the Xbox 360, heck yeah they’ll sign a petition!

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Matthew942920d ago

activisionblizzard are too big to boycott, as long as they have COD and WoW then they wont care.

NewMonday2920d ago

I'm just committing to renting and buying second hand.

kratos1232920d ago

I dont know about you guys but I'm doing just fine without activision this gen and the previous gen In my opinion they aren't that good most of there games suck big time and like every hype after a few tries it will die after a while the same thing with cod its gonna end in a few years and then they have to be creative . Omg acti and creative don't belong together

kancerkid2919d ago

The thing is, Activision makes HUGE money from about 3 different games every year. And they will not be hurt by you boycotting a game, but the developer will. If the developer does not make money, Activision will drop them, but still keep going.

Need to read the article.

Baka-akaB2919d ago

i'm really scratching my head trying to find something major (for my tastes mind you) coming from them , between the time ID software ditched them , them acquiring blizzard and now .

Truly having an hard time , as before , i barely cared for their games after q3 , and only bought mw1 used .

I guess its easy to boycott a publisher you barely have allegiances and ties to

2919d ago
madpuppy2919d ago

the problem is that most people are all talk. but, when it comes to actually not buying that game that all their
friends are playing they just cannot man up and stick to their guns and start using weasel word excuses why they had to get it.

badz1492919d ago

so what if it doesn't work on global basis? I still don't care because my money is not going to them! I would rather Activision boycott me if they want and I'll still be a happy gamer! I've played many games this gen alone but only CoD4 is theirs. really, you do the math!

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agc65722919d ago

I agree they are too big, the only way is for all of us gamers to unite. I don't see that happening though since were split into mainly two consoles.

Cheeseknight282919d ago

It's not the consoles that matter for me, I just love all of Blizzard's products. I play my PC more than my PS3 and Wii, and as much as the 360 almost solely due to Blizzard.

So far as the rest of Activision's games, I'll wait on a lot of price drops. I plan on getting Singularity and Blur at $15 or lower, but not much higher than that. Black Ops I'll borrow again later.

karl2919d ago

you are right they are just to big

we should just blow the damn place up...

hiredhelp2919d ago

I very much disagree with that. no company is too big to bring down or boycott. theres been too many that have fallen in the past.

you take a company look at there assets look at the vunrable points you take on that section. they strive on cod and guitar hero blizzard have world of warcraft. thats there main regular income. because the added DLC. minimize that income large enough to make a change things will start happening. activision like many others had lawsuites many dont even get to court cos they settle out of court. or get shut up.

or we have to do is stop paying. cos they pay alot for each would you like to loose millions on every game.

Lykon2918d ago

I don't care about boycotting them or if they care, I just don't buy there games because i'm not interested, if they produce a good game that i like i'll consider getting it , but not COD version

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Cajun Chicken2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I can't bring myself to boycott Activision. I'll tell you why, I loved the campaign of MW2, Prototype was a great game for a new IP, Singularity was awesome.

However, I am very angry with the forced restructure of IW and in my opinion, I think IW would've lost the talent now.

Plus. Acti are sitting on a goldmine concerning Crash Bandicoot, they must be up to something with it and not just the recently confirmed canceled game. Radical's Crash games sucked.

Matthew942920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They should do an HD remake of the first 3 games and crash team racing. It would sell billions.

Fro me CTR>Mario Kart

and I loved Mario Kart DS and 64

sjaakiejj2919d ago

They can't really though, Sony owns those games..

MariaHelFutura2919d ago

Have you played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction by any chance? If you haven`t, you should.

trevonn952919d ago

that game was just the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BoNeSaW232920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

*Comment deleted*

jack_burt0n2919d ago

It does serve a purpose though, means you can spot jabba sterlings alt accounts on n4g, because i refuse to believe normal people would approve this worthless blabber lol.

trainsinrdr2920d ago

activision will always have the biggest selling fps for the rest of this gen and possibly the next gen too

scar202919d ago

Of course it won't work cuz they're are to many blind sheep that still think cod is the only game out there.Until people realize that they are paying full price for a game that should have been a add on from the previous installment Activision will just keep pumping out broken pos games that should at least be worth $5-$10.

And here's next years COD 8:Alamo warfare xDDD enjoy everybody.

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