Game on £40/$60 – Budget Christmas Ideas

The collapse of British steel production, cheap foreign exports, the rise of VAT and the rise of Jedward. Tuition fees, Tories, train simulators. Global warming, global terrorism, global pandemic.


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Killer62859d ago

Thats everyones xmas taken care of then, nice! :D

TabbyBW2859d ago

I paid way more money for some of those titles, dammit.

Killer62859d ago

Well a lot of them are fairly old now, so it does make sense.

EddyD2859d ago

Yep definitely some good titles for low prices in that list.

Geinsar2858d ago

Josh's List of Just Cause 2, AC 2: GotY, Batman: AA and Bioshock 2 is a bargain for £40. If only I had waited rather than have paid the full £40 for each of those.

MariaHelFutura2858d ago

I just bought Just Cause 2 for 15 bucks. I`m glad I waited. Batman:AA I got for $27 first day, cause Walmart F`d up on their pricing. That was AWESOME.