Sony Debuts Rolly MP3 Player

Screen-less mp3 player is all about motion control. Will this innovation win Sony a place beside Apple in the mp3 hardware market?

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Schmitty073912d ago

Sorry but that is so dumb. It may work over in Japan, but not in the US. No one wants to carry around an egg

nasim3912d ago

i will be buying it for sure rather than a rectangular shaped IPOD

God of Gaming3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

just curious.. if sony slapped their name on a turd would you pre order it?

RonDeMuerte3912d ago

I don't think he would....that's probably why he doesn't buy anything from Microsoft....

Bill Gates3912d ago


That was excellent bro....AAAHHAHAHHAHAHA

neogeo3912d ago

Is this a joke? I'm no longer a Sony fanboy from this moment on.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3912d ago

I don't see how it would work, a slight motion could change track couldn't it.

Premonition3912d ago

I mean they could add a hold switch to stop that from happening.

MK_Red3912d ago

The thing's cute but too big and eggy.

Premonition3912d ago

Reminds me of this device back in my middle school days called the friend link, which pretty cool but if it were as small as the friend link it would probably be a little better as an MP3.

GodofPeace3912d ago

It's more of a portable Boom box than a tiny MP3 player. Its cool that its using some motion detection. I can picture people buying it for home rather than for portable use. Fits into Mordern Style designs. Anyways w/e I ain't going to buy it because I have no use for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.